Coffee Talking.... renewing drivers licenses, getting a newborn social security card and waiting for my passport renewal... all during COVID-19.

Mr. Coffee left for work around 4:am and I fell back to sleep.  I woke later to him calling me from work to let me know he had pulled his drivers license out of his wallet while he was waiting on 'hold' on a call earlier and had noticed his license expired 3 days ago.

What is funny is that his only question to me is where I went to get my STAR id renewal (literally right before COVID quarantines hit). 

He just assumed he'd pop in and get his DL renewed too. 

Ummm....  the boy has no clue half the country is still shut down during this COVID virus. 

Seriously.  His life hasn't changed one bit through this all so it's easy for him to forget. 
He was an essential worker so he continued to go to work just like normal.  And his company didn't have any safety measures in place at all for the first almost 2 months of quarantines so he wasn't wearing a mask or gloves or anything out of the ordinary.  He doesn't do the errands or shopping or appointments to keep our household running so again, he didn't pay attention to things like me wearing masks to the grocery store and only shopping certain hours.  

He works his a$$ off at work - his normal work day is around 12 hours plus an hour commute each way - so his life is basically getting up at 3:30 am, getting ready for work, going to work, working an exhausting schedule, driving home, working out in the basement, eating dinner, watching tv and going to sleep to do it all again the next day.  

I guess he just assumed he'd pop into the DMV or a courthouse and get his license done as if it were still 'normal' out there in COVID land.

So I just spent about 30 minutes researching his options in our state, county and the surrounding counties.

Because the two courthouses nearest us that do regular renewals are both closed.  The DMV I went to for my STAR renewal is closed.  I made a list of what IS open and found one about 10 miles from where he works that is SUPPOSEDLY open with regular 8-4, M-F hours.  I texted him all the information but I haven't heard back if he'll attempt that one tomorrow or not.  It's probably going to be a madhouse.... even more than DMV's are.  Which are terrible even on a random Tuesday in 2019 before COVID.  LOL.

On the flip side but similar topics:   A family member had a new baby last month and his new social security card came right within the 2 weeks span they normally come... so the SS offices for newborn social security cards are doing well.  

However, I sent in all my paperwork, photos and passport for a passport renewal in March.  They received it and accepted it ONE DAY before they shut down their offices. LOL.  At least it got there in time to be 'in the system' so I know it arrived!  The notice on the passport site says all the paperwork, passports and photos were being kept secure during this time while they were closed... so, fingers crossed they really were.  Passport offices are slowly opening up on a 'limited' basis.  They say they are processing passports as they arrived.  I don't like having my passport, all my information and my photos floating around 'out there' so I'll breathe easier when I have them all back in my hands!!!


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