Happy Summer Solstice... And I shopped for the first time in almost 4 months.

Happy Summer Solstice... it doesn't feel like 'summer' though, does it?

2020... the year that wasn't.  Thanks China. 

Yesterday I had to venture into the city for one small errand; and I decided to finally give in and stop into a retail store.

I've not been in a retail store since the first of March.

Almost 4 months.  And although I'm not much of a 'shopper' (I'm missing that female DNA) the one store I would stop into was TJMaxx.  And I've missed them.  It's where I often find fun foods; spices and herbs and sugar-free items.  I knew they were open (for about a month now I believe) and I decided I was ready to enter the retail world again.

What a disappointment.  Although they had plenty of clothing, they were low on other goods, and completely empty in many areas.  Now, I'm serious.  Completely and utterly empty.  I felt like I was living in Socialist Venezuela. 

The food aisle was about half stocked but not much and not anything I needed.  Aisles and walls of all kind and any kinds of household decor were bare.  Not so much as a single item along the entire back wall, including 2-3 aisles that typically held kitchen gadgets, wall decor, artwork, etc.  There were little signs up in places saying new things would be arriving 'soon'.  Considering two things on my list to shop for were household decor for the lower level bathroom and some smokey chipotle seasoning... I was out of luck.

But I still managed to find clothing clearance items for the men in our family; some dress shirts mostly, but also some t-shirts for the little ones and little beach chairs for them as well.   So I spent money, but not on what I was looking for.

Since I was out and about, I went ahead and stopped into 2 or 3 other stores.  All had 'occupancy' limit signs on their front entrances along with "MASKS MANDATORY" signs of one sort or another.  (Not that everyone was following, I'm just stating they had the signs up.  I had a mask on... probably doesn't do much but it doesn't bother me to wear one either way.)

It was a rather 'meh' kind of day but I was happy to just feel a tiny bit 'normal' again just walking through some stores. 


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