I have always found that if I hang on to something 'for awhile' and decide to finally get rid of it... I will need it within a very short span of time.

Roughly falling under the "Murphy's Law" type situations, I have always found that if I hang on to something 'for awhile' and decide to finally get rid of it... I will need it within a very short span of time.

This has happened pretty much all my adult life, and it doesn't matter if I've held on to something for 1 year or 15 years... I'll either donate it, trash it or give away and I'll need that exact item soon enough; and kick myself for having gotten rid of it.

Last year we had a family wedding in which I had to dye some fabric and cheesecloth blue.  I mixed and matched shades of gray, blue, green, denim... I got the prettiest shade of vintage light blue.  I saved the dye water.  It was out of sight, out of mind because I just put it under the utility sink in the laundry room.  This month we put in a new utility sink and I was left with the containers (2 blue and 1 black) and I was just lamenting to my husband about 4-5 days ago how I didn't need it, but it seemed such a waste to throw it out so I've just left it sitting on the floor.  However, I didn't really have the space to store it any longer and wanted to throw it away. 

BUT, I'm frugal - and the thought of 'wasting' dye water that I only used once was almost painful to me.  I also told my husband I knew, without a doubt, if I just poured it out, I would need 'blue or black dye' for something within the week or so.  He laughed at me, but he knew I was right.

Without a clear plan...  I've simply left it sitting on the floor by the back of the kitchen table for over a week now.

Fast forward a few days. 

I've spent the last two weeks perusing websites trying to find a dress for vacation.  A light, summery, simple, casual dress; not too dressy but not blah.  I don't want a pattern, it needs to be solid in color and needs to be a shade of light blue.  It also needs to be really, really affordable.  Probably so low that most of you would laugh at me, so I won't even tell you what my budget is.

I haven't found one.  Baby blue isn't the easiest color to find in a style I'd be comfortable in.

But after looking at a gazillion websites and dresses over the past 2 weeks, I finally gave in and placed an order.  I couldn't get the blue color I needed (back ordered until July and August) but I found 3 white dresses that were cheap enough I could buy all three and....  DYE THEM!  Hopefully one of them will work and fit... if not, I've got two daughters to give them to!

So right as I was going to give in and admit that I was stupid for saving the blue dye water... I need it again!  Just like I knew I would.

This weekend I should have 3 white dresses coming that will be diving into the blue dye I just knew I was saving for some purpose.


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