I skimmed the news headlines again this morning.
I still hate people.
Idiots.  So many damn idiots.


Coffee talking this morning would be pretty boring... I have oil changes and tire rotation on my mind.

The guy that is in charge of the service department that I have to talk to to make the appointment and to check-in with when I arrive is... nauseating.  He's just such a sexist, egotistical and nauseating jerk.  The other service and parts employees are great.  But not him.  And somehow he's lasted through others in that office getting fired or quitting.

The last one, Jennifer, was smart, nice and did her job well.  But she hated him too.  I could tell because when I mumbled something about how I couldn't stand that guy and what a sexist jerk!  She joined my whispered mumble with "Imagine having to work with him everyday....."   And we bonded. 

And then, about six months later, when I went back again, she was gone.  A man had been hired in her place to do the billing and answer phones and help customers.  I suppose he probably laughed at the managers sexist comments and joined in the condescending attitudes towards women.  Jennifer didn't.  The manager of the entire dealership is pretty skeezy himself.  But I really like the service and parts department employees.  If only I didn't have to deal with the service manager - who unfortunately is the one you deal with to make the appointments, check your vehicle in with and who goes over everything with you and hands you the bill.

I haven't called for an oil change for 2 weeks because I've dreaded him that much.  I've needed the oil change since January.  I didn't want to deal with him so I put it off... and put it off... and then quarantines happened.  Now I'm really overdue.

I may need one more strong, hot coffee before I have to call him.