Well, hello there baby birds!

Like many people, the layout of our home means we primarily use the garage/basement door to enter our home, not the front door. Because of this, I don't often look at the two large planters I have decorating the stairs and front entry.  Luckily Mother Nature usually sends enough rain to keep the flowers and greenery in them alive, but sometimes she goes a couple weeks without sprinkling us with moisture and the planters get dried up and mostly... dead, before I remember them.

Yesterday I was expecting a delivery and my phone app said it was 6 stops away, so I thought I'd take a rest and sit on the front stairs to wait.

As I walked out the door and glanced down at the planter, I realized it was dry.  Very, very dry.  As in... almost all the flowers were brown, dead and laying flat on the cracked soil.  There were a few signs of life in the pansies and snapdragons, but the only thing still standing tall was the Dusty Miller in the middle.

I went into the house and filled up two empty gallon jugs to water my poor, neglected planters; hoping most of the flowers would bounce back with some fresh moisture. 

I started to pour water into the center of the planter, right on the Dusty Miller plants.  As I poured, I realized there was a bit of a build up of old dried leaves and pine straw, etc. gathered in the center around the stalks of the plants.  I decided I'd better grab that little rat's nest of dried refuse and pull it out.

As I poured water with my right hand, I was started to grab the 'mess' with my left, all the while was lost in thought about other things... just mindlessly doing the task while my thoughts were busy elsewhere.

That's when my eyes finally the got message through to my busy-brain that there was a bit of moss in that 'mess' and I stopped mid-grabbing to take notice.  There was moss and pine straw mixed in with the dried stems and leaves because I was currently "watering" a little birds nest!  

Poor little guys!  They just got a nice bath... ha ha.

I carefully pulled back the sticks a bit, saw some movement, a little bit of 'new baby bird' featherless skin, a few more of the scrawny ugly new 'feathers' that are so ugly and uneven as they start to grow.  I was trying to touch and move the nest as little as possible so I couldn't see well, but there seemed to be two newborn little birds in there, and at least one of them moved.

I quickly pushed the 'mess' back in place and hoped my fumbling wouldn't cause Mama Bird to leave the nest for fear of her safety now that a human had discovered it.

I emptied the water into the sides of the planter and went back into the house to watch for my delivery guy, but also for a Mama Bird.

About 5 minutes later I opened the front door to stand and gaze around, hoping to see a little Mama and sure enough there was a very upset and LOUD little tiny bird flitting around on the branches of a small landscape tree about 15 feet away.   Yay! I closed the door and watched through the window.

I watched as a cute little bird hopped around the stair landing, the tree, the ground... and soon was stealthily getting closer and closer to the planter with a large bug or grub in her mouth.

She was being all Ninja like!

Two steps, look around nonchalantly... a couple more steps...  la la la... don't mind me, I'm just a little bird dancing around on this front landing.... a couple more jumps in the general direction of the planter but not looking at it.... ho hum, move along all you other mean birds and various animals, nothing to see here....  two more hops.... now to the other side of the planter near the brick corner and... she disappeared.    I didn't see her.  Did she fly away?

Then I saw the tall Dusty Miller wiggle and move... Mama Bird had snuck in the nests back door with dinner for the littles.  Yay!  My clumsy human fingers pawing at the nest didn't keep her away.

This morning as I sipped my coffee I opened the front door and looked down at the planter.  I wondered if the little birds were still there, still ok.  I gently tried to look in through the small opening but I couldn't tell.  I used one finger to move the leaves and stems just enough to get a peek... and something wiggled.

They are still there and still alive.  You can't seem them well in the photo, but I've bothered them enough. 


For those wondering about Mama Bird.......

Mama Bird looks (and sounds) like she is a Carolina Wren. 

The Carolina Wren is a small rusty-brown bird with a prominent white eye stripe and a very loud voice. Their call is a loud melodious “TEA-kettle TEA-kettle TEA-kettle” or “cherry cherry cherry.” To avoid predators, they prefer to nest near humans, in planters, decorative door wreaths, or even in an old boot. Carolina wrens will call at any time of the day or year.

The Carolina wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) is a small bird in the family Troglodytidae. It is approximately five and one-half inches in length with a deep rusty-brown colored back, buff colored underside, light colored throat and prominent white stripe above and beyond the eye.

FUN FACT: Carolina Wrens form pair bonds at any time of the year. After finding a partner, the two birds remain paired for life.

  Carolina Wrens: Their Family Story

  Perky-Pet Wren Home

  Nature's Way Bird Products CWH1 Cedar Wren House, 8" x 8.875" x 8.125"

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