My psycho radiologist made my mammogram uncomfortable and it had NOTHING to do with my boobs getting squished. Because they didn't.

Doctor's appointments during the COVID-19 quarantines/masks

Yesterday's mammogram appointment was crap.  The radiologist had some very deep seeded issues that came out in a hugely unwelcome and unprofessional rant and rave and lecture to me.

It started simple enough when I got into her little room and she asked the first question:  Where was your previous mammogram?

She expected to type in the name of another clinic here in the greater city area;  or at the very least, the state.  Because I swear, everyone who lives here has ALWAYS lived here.  And their Mamas and Daddy's grew up here, and their meemaws and pawpaws grew up here and their nana's and pap's before them!  Everyone went to school with "her cousin" or "his brother".

Guys, people around here don't leave the state... ever.  Not even for vacations.  Even our own son-in-law had only been to one other state his whole life, and that was the state NEXT TO US and he only went there for baseball.  That, and his 8th grade school trip to Washington DC.

SO keep that in mind with this radiologist, who is obviously not expecting me to have moved here from 1000 miles away.

"Where was your previous mammogram?"
I told her the state it was in.
She was confused for a moment.  What clinic is that? Where?
I repeated the state.  I told her the city and the state.
What is the name of the clinic there?
Hmm, I don't remember. 
She glared at me above her face mask;  "Well we can't get your records from them then!!!!"
Yep.  She was already angry... she ain't seen nothing yet.

I agreed.  I said I know.
She was in a huff.
"Well, today's mammogram will have to be your baseline then!"

"Yeah...(?)  I know."

Why was this a big issue?  I have no idea.

Then she asked how long ago it was.

I told her and she flipped-the-fuck-out on me.

Apparently I was the spawn of the devil for not coming in for an annual mammogram every single year.

Keep this in mind:  I scheduled this one RIGHT WHEN I WAS TOLD TO BY MY LAST CLINIC.  I am on the schedule they told me at the time. 

Yeah, it was a long time ago, and I don't know if they've changed the 'recommendations' again and I don't care. 

All I care about is that they said to come in at this milestone birthday for my next one.  And I did.

And this woman was going off.

She started in on me but her rant went off in directions that had to do with the 'government people that make recommendations are NOT radiologists!  They don't even TALK to radiologists when they are making these decisions... they don't know what they are doing!'

And I mostly made non-committal answers waiting for her to finish huffing, puffing, slamming things around, giving me looks-that-could-kill and growling in between her tirade.

When I said I don't only take the governments word on recommendations, I am a bit of a geek who likes to read... so I read and research everything.  For fun.

"Well you haven't read anything written by radiologists!!!!!!!"  she screamed at me through her face mask.

I was getting pissed off because she obviously had some issues that had nothing to do with me or the schedule of mammograms my previous clinic had me on.

I had been sitting nicely in the chair in my little wrap around cape gown; waiting patiently for her stop yelling, huffing, puffing and slamming things around.  When she wasn't stopping, but she came up for a breath, I sighed and took a breath myself before asking simply, "Can I just get my mammogram?"

Yep.  I said that.

It stopped her long enough she walked over to her computer and started to type again and asked me if I'd ever had cancer?


Ever have any surgery on my breasts?


Ever have anyone in my family -----  (Oh crap... I know where she's going with this question and this isn't going to be pretty....) ---- with breast cancer?

Yes.  My Mother.

Her head WHIPPED UP to look at me after that answer.  Like The Exorcist type whipping.

She laughed a short, angry and sarcastic laugh. (Chortled?)

What age?

(Oh crap moment again.... she's really going to go ballistic here)


Yep. I called it.


For about the 7th time she started in with "I'm just going to say this...."

And even when she'd stop herself with "That's all I'm going to say about this...."  She'd start right up again.

At one point she said "If YOU want to get CANCER and DIE from it because you don't believe in coming in every single year for a mammogram, there's nothing I can do about it!"


Again - I scheduled and CAME IN for a mammogram when I was told to.  It didn't fit with her every year radiologist opinion but guys, I don't have a dog in this fight. 

She said "WELL NOW YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM HERE!"  She stopped typing and stared me down.

I simply commented, "We'll see."

Because by this time I'm thinking "Lady, you are off-the-fucking-rails psycho" and I'm not sure I EVER want to come back to you.
She must have taken my answer as 'we'll see' if I do annual mammograms...

Because honest to God guys, she started up AGAIN.


I finally got my damn mammogram.

It was easy. Simple. No, they don't even squish them flat as a pancake anymore since the machines are 3D.

We even got OFF the topic(s) of her ranting and raving and chit chatted about something else - which included her telling me of another recent woman who complained that the mammogram was the "WORST THING SHE'D EVER BEEN THROUGH"  (yeah, capitalized for the loud, dramatic way it was said at the time).

That made the radiologist go off on another rant about THAT lady (If this is the worse thing she's ever been through, then she must have a pretty easy life!!!!  I wish my life was that easy if a mammogram was the worse thing...)  blah blah blah.

Heck, I was just glad she wasn't going off the rails about me this time.

When I changed to leave, she had turned on her 'nicer' face... was it because she was now out in the hall and her office - which is RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOCTORS and it's possible other people could hear her?

She was nice though and told me a back door I could use that goes straight to the elevator on my way out.

I thanked her.  Told her she did a good job, to ignore the other woman's comments about it being painful.

Yes... I'm so NICE that I even THEN was trying to end on a positive note and somehow make her happy.  What the hell is wrong with me?  Oldest child syndrome... only girl in a family of boys.... good little Catholic girl.... daughter of law enforcement officers... I don't know.  But it's in me to always make sure everyone ELSE is happy and comfortable.

Apparently even when they are rude and unprofessional.

It's just the coffee talking again......


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