Pondering what, where, when and how we have a leak under our laundry room sink...

I've just finished doing something that was akin to watching paint dry.
I laid on the floor with my head inside a laundry room sink/faucet cupboard, watching for drips or water leaks.

  • I did this though turning on the cold water and letting it run and drain.
  • Turning on the hot water and letting it run and drain.
  • Using the sprayer and letting it run.... and drain.
  • Doing a 'speed wash' load of laundry and watching for it to fill and drain.
  • Running the kitchen faucet and letting it drain.
  • Both sides of the sink.
  • Then I did a rinse cycle in the dishwasher and added blue dye... and watched for it to drain.
  • Flushed a toilet.


So where is the leak coming from?

We just replaced this new utility sink last week.  I've not actually used it yet (other than testing it out after it was first installed) as it's a sink and faucet I rarely use. Ever. It's a new sink/cupboard and faucet but all the connections were already there from our old sink/faucet.  All are tight and none are leaking, dripping, nor wet.

In the past week since it's been in, I've done laundry, washed dishes by hand, washed out the kitchen sink and did a load of dishes in the dishwasher.  That's it.

Yet today when I went to get something out from the cupboard under that sink, everything was sopping wet.  Even the tops, so it had actually splattered high enough or with enough force to saturate a few things.  An empty bottle had about an inch of water in it.  The water had pooled in the cupboard, ran down the front and was pooled on the floor.

And I'm just not sure how... or where... or why.
So I've taken a brain break and am sipping iced coffee... made with Coconut Mocha coffee (k-cup) and sugarfree french vanilla creamer and ice.