Sixlets and Skin Colored Walls: it's just the coffee talking

I had high hopes about today.
That was last night around 2:30 am.
Once today happened however?  Meh.

So it's coffee and watching Emily Blunt and John Krasinski interview montages on YouTube for a bit.
That instead of hiking a trail.
Because with some things open and some things closed and other things partially open, or only for certain hours or open but parking and buildings are closed...

Gah.  It got too overwhelming to decide where to go or what to do.
And then it rained all morning anyway so... there's that.

The list of things I could or should do today is quite long.  That's actually another list I had in my brain 2 nights ago that I planned to do... yesterday.

We have a guest bedroom closet packed full of bins and boxes of wedding paraphernalia. We had a family wedding last summer that I did pretty much everything for; so we have about 30 bins and boxes of everything we used and after it was over, I was so mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted from the whole hullabaloo I just packed everything away and decided to deal with it some other time.  I swear, I bet I have leftover reception cookies in one of those boxes.

I know I have a bunch of blue and white candy of all sorts from the 'candy bar' - because I snuck up last night and grabbed a handful of Sixlets to munch on out of one of them.  I, the girl who hates chocolate, doesn't care for sweets and doesn't eat sugar at all... have a weak spot for what my husband calls the cheapest, grossest chocolate ever made.  Every other chocolate I can pass up easily as it would make me hurl.  But Sixlets?  What magical spell is on me that I love them?  (I'll put a link at the bottom of this post to some of them on Amazon if you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about.)

That same guest room where the boxes take up the entire closet is another 'project' I've not prioritized.  It was the bedroom of one of our kids who has flown the nest.  The walls and ceiling need to be painted, the old bookshelves repainted or replaced and basically the room needs to be put together as ... a room.  The last couple years it's served as a lackluster guest room for anyone visiting with a baby as we have a crib and changing table in that room.  Mostly it's used by toddlers and babies so it's easy to move to the bottom of the priority list.

Speaking of which... repainting the basement.  Long term readers of It's Just the Coffee Talking will remember when I gave my husband a paint sample of a really pretty khaki gray tan color to get at the store for me.  He went to a store that didn't carry the brand of the sample so he got it 'matched' and came home with 2 gallons.  As I've done all the painting of all the houses in all our marriage... he was going to 'help' me this time and started to paint the basement for me.

Yay!  Right?
Not the brightest bulb... the paint did NOT match the sample.  Not even close.  What he came home with was more a peachy skin color.  And he proceeded to paint our ENTIRE BASEMENT with skin colored paint.

In true Mr. Coffee fashion, his answers to my exclamations over this disgusting, stomach turning color that was now all over the basement and made me feel as if I was standing inside a giant's stomach was;  "I didn't notice" it was not a color match to the khaki-gray sample and  "I didn't think about it" as to how he could continue to paint every single wall this horror movie 'skin covered' wall color.

I repainted the stairwell and I painted the guest room in the basement but the rest of the walls I've ignored and I clench my jaw when I walk through that portion of the house. 

Ironically  (?) the topic came up last weekend when we were visiting someone and Mr. Coffee mentioned he should 'help' me repaint it since he's the one that painted it the awful color to begin with, and that after I told him it reminded me of cadaver skin all over our walls, that's all he can think of now when he looks at it.  Skin covered walls.

Not only do we need to paint the basement, but that lower level bathroom as well... and redo the decorating.  It's a 'was cool at the time' bronze, silver and gold with brown bathmats and towels.  UGH.  Needs to be updated.

And that's just the tip of the "PROJECTS WE NEED TO DO" iceberg.  And by 'we' I mean 'me' because that's how Mr. Coffee rolls.

But what am I doing?

Sitting here, sipping hot coffee, glancing at my phone for updates on the 'baby watch' situation as we wait for a family friend to give birth today and........  and trying not to think about how big my butt is probably getting from doing so much 'sitting' during the last 3+ months of quarantines.

And that my friends.... is all blathering ramble.

Don't mind me.

It's just the coffee talking again.

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