“The irony of vandalizing a monument to those who died to end slavery is lost on the morons who don’t know their history.”   -Joe Walsh, a member of the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park


Good Morning!  Not sure what today holds for me... I had considered hiking a new trail about an hour away from here but when I checked the weather it says we are going from 40% rain to 80% throughout today.  Yet, at 8:am, I don't see 40% of rain... I see the sun.

Considering it's an hour away, I have a feeling I'd drive there, get stuck in the start of a storm and have to drive an hour home again in a strong pour down.

Plus, Mr. Coffee informed me at 5:22 pm yesterday he had today off. "Giving you a heads up I'm off tomorrow!"  -  a heads up?  He was on his way home.  I guess telling me at 5:22 pm instead of when he actually walked in the door at 5:45 was a heads up??  But him being off always throws me off my game for the day.

So... perhaps, maybe, get started clearing out the basement guest bathroom and taping it off for the painting I keep procrastinating?  Running to Sam's Club for a couple items I need?  Not sure yet.  I'll decide over one more cup of hot, strong coffee.

Quick update to yesterdays post regarding the friend-of-the-family baby watch:  Baby delivered around 5:30 pm by c-section; a healthy little girl. 

Sorry this morning's coffee talk is.... disjointed, and doesn't even really say anything.  I've got two dogs shuffling around me, a husband I hear on the other side of the wall awake and moving around and I think getting ready for the day, and a huge bug of some weird sort flying around the big office window trying to find a way out... looks like a cross between a wasp and a fly.

Concentration is not happening.


 First Fallen: The Life of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, the North’s First Civil War Hero

Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, A Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired

After the Civil War: The Heroes, Villains, Soldiers, and Civilians Who Changed America

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