Thinking I'm going to Rae Dunn the bathroom remodel a little bit... simple, plain, clean and white.

This is an old coffee ecard but whenever I see it I can 'hear' it being said by Raj from Big Bang Theory.  The way he says 'adorable' kills me.

Lots of projects going on around The Coffee Haus. Lots. And all different things.  And other things that aren't projects but still time consuming.  Sometimes, I just need to chill with hot coffee.

I loved the laundry room repainting and remodel so much it spurred me on to finally update the lower level bathroom.  So easy to ignore since I never go down there and it's mostly used by Mr. Coffee - who doesn't care if it's decorated in early 2004 era browns. 

This morning I'm continuing to try to nail down a design idea for some DIY decorative plates.  Yesterday I donned my mask and stuffed my purse with Cloxox wipes and hand sanitizer and ventured out to find bathroom decor in grays and whites with a 'farmhouse' theme... but not really.  I don't like 'farmhouse' so much as farmhouse-ish mixed with 'beach' and 'vintage chic'... kind of?

I can't explain it, but I know what I like.

We had some decorative plates in that bathroom with a great iron holder that will no longer match, so yesterday I bought plain white square plates in the right size (appetizer plates basically) and have been trying to come up with a design I like to either paint, stencil or Modge-Podge.

I'm leaning towards something Rae Dunn-ish.  You know - basic white with tall, skinny letters spelling out the item or a related word on it.  (I've posted about her before as I have some of her espresso coffee mugs, even though I don't really decorate my home in this style, generally speaking.)

I also am taking a deep breath and going to repaint a big, heavy, dark brown, wood, free standing sink base/cupboard.  Lots of intricate wood work and carvings but it's very dark and heavy and I think it will be 'adorable' (Raj again!) once lightened up to match the new gray and white neutral theme.  But... a bit intimidating.  It's currently unhooked from the water sources and pulled away from the wall but will have to have Mr. Coffee lug that heavy thing out to the garage so I can work on it.

Yesterday I bought some wall decor, a shelf for another bathroom we are currently updating, some new bath rugs, guest towels, blah blah blah. We have out of state family visiting next month so at least I have a "project must be done by...."

Tomorrow Mr. Coffee is going to help me paint.  He said he'll do the walls if I do... everything else.  So tomorrow I hope to refinish the big sink base/cupboard, paint the large bathroom mirror frame, paint the towel holder and decorative wall fixtures, put up a new shower curtain, switch out the bathroom decor, put in new towels, a towel/robe rack holder and... whatever else!

But today... Walmart.  For paint.  Lots and lots of paint.


Pump Sponge Holder

   Rae Dunn Inspired Vinyl Decals for Canisters. Q-Tips, Bobby Pins, Hair Ties Decals. JUST Decals!