Tiny update to the three (3) - 2L hydration water bladders (all under $13) I ordered from Amazon (easy of filling and cleaning)

Previously I posted about the 3 hydration water bladders I ordered from Amazon to use for simple day hikes.

"Speaking of hiking...   I got my 3 hydration bladders I ordered.  I'm not sure I'm going to get to use them now since COVID-19 put a dent in my cross country trek, but I'm sure I'll get some smaller, more local chances to try them out."

They were each 2L size, all were under $15 at Amazon.  When they arrived a few weeks ago I was busy with other things and only yesterday did I finally get around to inspecting them, taking the apart, cleaning them out and testing.

Here are the 3 I ordered:  All affordable, under $15 (as of this new updated post this morning they are all $10.98-13.99) and had good reviews on Amazon
(If you can't see the photos then you probably have an ad blocker on your browser that blocks images from Amazon.  Just unblock it for this page and you will see them).

All three bladders were fine but I did find two things in particular that gave me pause.
2 of the 3 had the easy press connect at the base of the hose, which was wonderful and simple.  It plastic, and I'm not sure how it will hold up long term, if it will break (these are China made after all). Plastic like this is prone to becoming brittle with heat, sunlight or age but for now, they are fine, and it does make attachment very quick.

Only the clear white hydration bladder didn't have this option.  Instead, it was a screw in style. 

The dark blue bladder with the screw on cap I thought would be one of my favorites.  It wasn't.  The other two styles have an open top for easy filling, which you then fold over and slide the top locking handle in place which seals it. 

It's a double-handed fill as the cap continually wants to flip back up in place, which covers the opening.  You have to hold the cap down with one hand while holding up the bladder or filling with the second.  It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was awkward and as the bladder got to be half full and I had to hold it up with two hands to continue to fill from a faucet, the cap flipped up 3-4 times and water from the faucet would spray all over, as my fingers and hands were occupied holding up the bladder.

None of this was a deal breaker, and it wasn't a 'big' deal at all.  Just worth mentioning as I was doing 3 bladders at a time and this one was the most persnickety. 

I ordered this one because honestly, I just wanted the cleaning kit.  The price point was basically for a cleaning kit and getting the bladder for free, but the bladder is great.  It's the top fill and seal style I like for ease of filling and sealing off, the easy click connector for the hose attachment I mentioned above, and the spout is great for not only sipping, but when held open and lower than the bladder, has a really great 'spray' to it.

As for drying, I found the clear, white style to be the easiest and fastest air drying.  The WACOOL brand above that came with the cleaning kit is second, and the screw cap style is pretty much still as wet as it was when I first washed it out.

One of the last issues with the screw cap model is the side placement of the opening made it difficult to get all the water out.  As you tip it to let the excess or cleaning water out, it tends to pool in the 1-2 inch above the cap.  Then you have to tip the bladder the other way, and side ways, and pull the cap opening out and down with your other hand to try to tilt the bladder in all directions to get the last of the water out.

It's been up on a wine bottle (just like the other two) all late afternoon and overnight but is still as wet as when I started.  Today, after letting them dry all night to compare them, I'm going to finish drying them out by using my hair dryer on 'cool' setting and get them dried so I can store them for the next (hot and humid) month until I use them on some day hikes in mid-July.