When you are thinking of someone you haven't seen in 15-20 years and suddenly... there they are!

This morning I barely woke when Mr. Coffee left for work, but drifted back to sleep until I woke for the day at 5:am.  In that hour that I slept, I had a very simple dream, but one of those that leaves you feeling a bit off when you wake.

I know, I hate hearing other peoples dreams... I'm sure you do too so I'll keep it short and only the part that has me feeling like there was something more to it. 

I was walking down the hallway of a building.  Just before the exit, there was a doorway to my left.  Glancing in, I saw a small apartment.  It looked as though a very simple, elderly person lived there.  But there was a sweater on the floor, a couple things out of place, a grocery bag had fallen to the floor and the groceries had spilled out.  The door was open and no one was in the room.

I suddenly realized an elderly person had indeed lived there, but what I was seeing is the aftermath of them being treated by emergency EMTs and taken to the hospital.  Something (heart attack?  fall? stroke? seizure?) had happened when they arrived home from getting groceries.  The grocery sack had fallen.  They fell, emergency responders came, their brown sweater removed and thrown to the side, a few other things fallen, moved or strewn about.

I wanted to clean it up for them.
So I went in, picked up the sweater, folded it, laid it on the  couch.  Picked up a fallen blanket, did the same.  Was getting ready to pick up the bagged onion and a bagged bell pepper that were on the floor next to the brown paper grocery bag, when there were other people in the room.  One was a nun.  Older.  She thanked me for helping.... I felt like I knew her in some way but I couldn't place her.  I also felt like she had lived in this same room at some point in her life, years (like 50) ago.  And that the room was near a church. 

And then I woke up. 
I can't shake the feeling I 'know' the elderly person in real life, who had the medical emergency and... passed away?  I never saw them in the dream.  But I was left with the feeling that they had not been able to be saved.  And I was doing the little I could for them by cleaning up the mess and spills left when they collapsed/fell.

I was trying to help and mourn in my own little way.

I'm kind of waiting to see if I get any news my way in the next couple days that anyone I know passes. 


Unrelated coffee talking: I lost touch with an old childhood friend years ago.  He and I went to a small elementary school together, church together, grew up friends.  He became friends with my boyfriend (now husband) as well.  After school, I married and he went into the military.  He was stationed in Germany for a time but when he got back to the States he was stationed just about 45 minutes from where we lived - 1000 miles away from all our (and his) friends and family.  He often came to spend weekends with my husband and I - getting away from the military base, away from the single-soldier lifestyle and just chilling with us and our baby daughter.  For about a year we did this, then he moved, we moved... and although we caught up a few times after that if we were both in our old hometown at the same time (rare) we lost touch.

About a week ago I was wishing I had his contact information.  I had read in our hometown paper, his Mom had passed away.  I wanted to offer my condolences but didn't have his information and I don't use Facebook and thought it might be odd to just 'google' him and send something to a random address I found on him.  So I let it go, but it's been on my mind and bugging me for a week that I really wish I had his contact, and should I just send a card to his address I found on Google even though he didn't actually share it with me himself?  Would that be too creepy/weird of me when I haven't talked to him in 15-20 years?

SIDE NOTE:  Last night my best girlfriend (who lives about 1000 miles away)  texted me with a photo of a couple old recipes she found in her Mom's old recipe box she had inherited.  This is weird because she never usually texts, she doesn't cook, and has little interest in recipes.  She's a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants kind of girl who maybe uses Snapchat once every 2 weeks, and texts about once every 3-4 weeks - important things or photos of her family kayaking or somemthing.  But not random photos of boring things like old recipe cards.

Recipes:  There was one from the Mom of my old (lost) childhood friend, and another from her Mom; we were chatting about because it served 1000 people and we both laughed wondering why in the world her Mom had an old recipe for stew that would serve 1000 people!?  The text messages were going to a 'group' message - just me and one other number I didn't recognize except it was from my old home state (where my best friend lives).

I was in my pajamas, in bed, reading a book during this very short 2-3 text exchange.  

But then I wondered;  who was this other number/person she texted these two recipes to?  And why?

Was the other phone number someone who also knew my friends Mom?  Someone who likes old recipes?  One of her own 9 siblings?  Was it another one of our childhood elementary/church friends?

Suddenly I had a feeling I should text that person and ask... because I had a strong feeling I knew who it was.  

I picked my phone back up and texted:  "Is this John?"  followed by:  "I was just wondering who else Jennifer might have been group texting her Mom's old recipe to!"  Adding a smiling face.

It took about 20 minutes for a response (I don't blame them, I'd be a little creeped out too).  

"Yes, it is John."  :)   And you?"


I suddenly got a very excited reply!

He couldn't believe it was me - and he was blown away.  He said how much he was excited to find it was me, as he wondered how me and my husband were, and he's missed us.  We chatted a little bit, just catching up very basic info; and agreed to do a phone or video call later this weekend to catch up... on 15-20 years.  LOL.  

So cool that just a few days ago I was wishing so badly I had contact with this person
and suddenly, out of the blue, they were included on a random group text to me.

And now... we have each others contacts again... and hope that maybe we can fit in a visit this summer!

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