You should watch: "THE CHOSEN" series - the apostles and Jesus are real people - with personalities - quirks - tempers - and you can watch for free

Last weekend one of my brothers, who isn't religious, doesn't go to church, etc. told me I should watch this series about the bible.

I hesitated.
I told him I wasn't interested in watching any tv series.

He told me it wasn't on tv.  It was a 'crowd funded' mini series - completely paid for by private funds.  That it was available for free on YouTube so I could watch it on my computer.

I wasn't really interested in watching a bible series.
He told me it was different.  It told the bible stories in a different way - more realistically.

He sent me a link to the very first "pilot" episode which wasn't actually a pilot at the time.

The Shepherd (link) was a short film a man (Dallas Jenkins) had made for his church of the birth of Christ.  Filmed on his friends farm in Illinois, he made it to show on Christmas Eve to his church family. It was of Jesus' birth but told from the perspective of the shepherds - not from Joseph and Mary and not just a dry, word by word direct from the bible.

It was amazingly well done.  It was real.  It was different. I watched it and was hooked right off the bat because my brother was right, it WAS different.

Bible series shows can be... boring(?)  The characters speak directly from the King James bible, you don't get to see their personalities, their lives, their jobs.  You know the stories because they've been told the same way for 2000 years.

But Jesus, the apostles and all the people of the bible were... real people. Just like you.
When you picture the Apostles, do you just picture a bunch of cookie-cutter guys who followed Jesus around, silent except when they are speaking words taken directly from the historical documents of the Bible?  Mostly, yeah, probably.  Because that's what we've seen or read.

But what if a series brought their stories to life and you got to see the Gospels showing the other side of their lives?  An Apostle with heavy debt and arguing with his wife?  An Apostle that possibly had hints of Asperger syndrome?  Jesus with a sense of humor? 



The show is available to stream in every country, on The Chosen app and their site. The series has already been downloaded and streamed in more than 142 countries (impressive since I think there are 195 countries at last count?).

“The Chosen”  is the number one crowdfunded media project in history.

You can watch the trailer here... or on Youtube.

But if you get a chance, even if you aren't 'all that religious' (or if you are!) just watch the first few episodes... for entertainment?  History?  Spiritual uplifting?  Research?  Whatever reason you have... just watch the first season at least.  It's 8 episodes (plus check out that original short THE SHEPHERD film that is kind of the pilot for the series, by default).


You might be confused at first...  and even a little bored.
Sorry all you ultra-religious people, but true. I found myself doing other things while watching the first 10 minutes.
And at one part, was confused as well as a little bored.
I know the bible story they are portraying and even I was a little confused for a bit and thinking "I don't really get what's going on here..."
But then you do.
And that is kind of when you first realize this is not your typical bible story show.....

Get used to different.

(Personally I think it's a little boring until about the 6th minute when you 'meet' Matthew, so give it a chance)