5:30 pm coffee break!

Just popping in.  Coffee break.  White paint splattered hands and nails from a painting project today (drying now; thus my coffee break).  Some black paint on my index finger as well as I did a very quick 'touch up' paint to the black metal furniture that had a couple rust spots from living outside year round.  So fast and simple to spray a bit of paint and ta-da! Looks pretty enough for company.  Which is why I touch-up painted them!  Ha ha.

Read a news story about 350+ African elephants that have died in Botswana and there is no known cause yet.  Breaks my heart.  Elephants scare me (LOL) but oh how I love nature and elephants are already on the 'vulnerable' list (just above endangered) so having over 350 suddenly die from unknown causes is catastrophic.  Vultures aren't eating the carcasses... which is odd.  I'll be watching the story to see what testing reveals.  I'm wondering if poachers poisoned the water holes or if it's something natural.  Wouldn't it be odd if our COVID-19 gift from China now has the ability to morph into something that could harm pachyderms?  Not that I think it did.... (I don't) but when I'm chit chatting over coffee at the proverbial kitchen table, I just 'chat'.  Anyway, poor elephants.  The article said they were seen walking in circles and some died so quickly they literally fell on their faces.

Dinner was made earlier so even that is 'done' - what a great feeling.  Sloppy Joe's and a big salad tonight.  But first?  COFFEE.