ADD and a 45 Second Task: Took me 2 hours to accomplish a 45 second task of simply restocking the little k-cup holder on the kitchen counter.

When it comes to doing well... anything, actually, my ADD tendencies kick in.   Luckily, I can see the humor in myself though.   Yesterday I walked into the laundry room/pantry with the intention of grabbing the box of coffee k-cups and refilling the cup holder on the counter.  Except, when I walked into the room I saw the vacuum, which reminded me I saw "dog bunnies" on the wood floor in the corner of the formal dining room and wanted to vacuum (dog bunnies... like dust bunnies but I don't have dust as much as I have a heavily shedding dog right now, whose hair forms little dog hair balls that silently gather and float across the floor as you walk by... hence; dog bunnies that I have to vacuum every single day of my life).

So I ended up vacuuming that room, but if you have the vacuum out, you do the whole main floor, right?  So I did.  But then, with dog hair on my mind and the vacuum in hand, I called one of the dogs over (we have 2 but one sheds more than the other) and I had him lay down and vacuumed him too.  Emptying the vacuum canister, I put it back in the vacuum and realized a tiny bit of dust fell off the edge and onto my ceramic floor.

I realized I wanted to mop the floor anyway, so I quickly put the vacuum back and grabbed the mop and some wet swiffer wipes.  I did a quick mop of the floor in the kitchen but decided to quickly mop some of the hardwood floors in the living room too.  Later, after I had that finished and was putting things away I went on to change out some wax melt scentsy things, plugged in two nightlights in a guest bath and up in the guest bedroom and that made me look at the loft area so I moved a couple things around, put something away, folded a blanket throw and tidied up that room.

Back downstairs to the main floor, I saw the deck furniture cushions I had laid out on the deck in the sun needed to be 'flipped' so I went outside and did that.  Coming back in the house I walked by the corner of kitchen and realized we still had a 'regular' coffee pot out next to the frappe maker and coffee grinder that we never use except if there are a lot of coffee drinkers visiting, and our current visitors are not coffee drinkers, so I gathered up the small appliance and put it away in a storage cupboard.  I walked through the house into my office and decided to brew a cup of coffee and check emails so I turned around to go back to the kitchen to get my coffee mug, which I had rinsed and left on the counter.  Back to the office, I looked in my k-cup holder and saw I was down to 3 k-cups and figured I'd go get the box of k-cups and fill that up first.

Back to the kitchen laundry room/pantry, over to the shelf to grab the box and.........

Oh yeah!  THAT'S what I was getting 2 hours previously went into that room to get the k-cups to fill up the k-cup holder on the kitchen counter!   I grabbed the box, went to the office, filled my personal k-cup storage container, back to the kitchen to fill the k-cup holder on the coffee counter and then... smooshed the empty box and put it in the trash.

Took me 2 hours to accomplish a 45 second task of simply restocking the little k-cup holder on the kitchen counter.


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