Apparently you can't get me to go to Starbucks even when you give me 'free money' to do so! (Unintended topic)

This morning I'm sipping my typical-regular-Sumatra coffee.  My go-to coffee even though I really hate to support Starbucks and it makes my stomach turn to do so... but I like this coffee right now and haven't found another easily accessible and affordable dark roast coffee I like better to replace it.  Yet. 

Speaking of not supporting Starbucks (when companies get political and spew their views, I put them on my 'you are dead to me' list) I got a reminder email from Starbucks yesterday.  It seems I haven't used my Starbucks gift card and they wanted to remind me I had unused 'free money' on it!   This is a gift card from someone years ago and when I saw my "you have a balance!" email I tried to remember the last time I used it.

I think I nailed it.  Back in 2017 we went camping at the beach.  We had a 2 year old and an 11 month old with us.  The morning we packed up to leave for home we decided to stop and pick up a breakfast sandwich for the 2 year old to eat.  As Mr. Coffee was getting gas, I spied a Starbucks literally right in front of me, and it just so happened I had a gift card in my purse that I never, ever use (gifted from someone who knew I loved coffee).  We decided to go through their drive-thru as it was mere feet from where the car was, and was easy access (verses trying to fight beach traffic and find a McDonalds or similar).   So we went through drive through, got a scone, a breakfast sandwich, some juice and a black coffee. Pulled out of the parking lot right onto the highway we needed and zoomed out of town during heavy beach traffic; any other time or place we never would have dreamed of stopping at Starbucks.

That's the last time I went to Starbucks.  The time before that was 2012, it was a Starbucks inside a grocery store in the midwest where we were attending a wedding and stopped for coffee early the next morning as we left our hotel.  

So yesterday, seeing a reminder email from Starbucks that I still have ten bucks on a gift card just made me shake my head and smile.  See?  Starbucks is basically non-existent in my world so even though the card is in my wallet, I never ever ever ever think of using it.

Since the person who gave it to me spent money to do so, I really, really need to remember to use it up.  Otherwise Starbucks just got 'free money' for nothing.  Can't let that happen.  So, note-to-self "use up that darn gift card!"

Hmm.  I did not AT ALL plan on discussing Starbucks... but you know how it goes.  I just chit-chat about whatever random conversation topics come up.  It's just the coffee talking again.