Attempting a garden (yet again), this time with a raised garden bed - self watering and draining. Hope springs eternal.

It's pouring down rain in my little corner of the world.  But it could be snow... and it isn't, so there's that.  (One of my friends/readers has a chance of snow today...)

I had hoped to be telling you about my latest sure-to-fail garden venture.  But... well, it's not really started yet.

Backstory (which I've posted about before) is when we first moved here, I had the most amazing gardens.  I even had tomato plants that when pulled to their full height measured 9 feet tall. But slowly, I watched a fungus of some sort make it's way from the woods in front of our house, to our house, around our house and to the back of our house as it continued it's path of destruction.  It took about 4 years.  It moved about 20-40 feet each season.  I tried to beat it - but after 4 years of attempting gardens of all sorts, in different areas, with all new soil, treatments of all kinds, above ground, etc. I gave up.  I gave in.  I think this is my 4th or 5th summer with no garden.  But I was desperate to try again.

Because I'm a sucker and... hope springs eternal?

I decided about a week ago to go waist high this time (far off the ground or near any current soil) and on the deck - giving some space from current bushes, trees, plants. (Plant social distancing!  Bah ha ha).   I was looking online for affordable ideas and found a photo of what I wanted... available at Sam's.

Off I went to get some groceries as well as take a look at the planters in person.  Yep, they were just as awesome in person as they looked online.  So... I put one in my cart, took a deep breath, committed myself to overspending my budget and bought a second.

I bought all new soil - even especially made for above ground planters.

They are currently on my deck and waiting for me to plant some vegetables and herbs... which I will, but the plant choices at Walmart and Lowe's were picked over and sad - and I know Lowe's gets new shipments every Thursday (tomorrow) so after tomorrow I'll hopefully have some tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos... even though I am pretty sure the air/soil fungus will kill them off by August 1st. 

And I have to be honest friends, I've had this browser open for like, 3 hours now.  I've been doing a hundred other things while trying to get back to my computer and finish typing this out but kept getting pulled away.  It's been a bit disjointed as I type a little, do something else, type a little, do something else...

But I'm hitting 'publish' anyway because it is what it is.


I got my planters at my local Sam's Club but I found some on Amazon too!

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