Coffee Break!!!

This morning was fairly productive but then I had the urge to jump on Amazon and download some kindle books.  Before I knew it, I had 53 books chosen.  (I almost always 'buy' the ones for $0.00 so it's not breaking the bank... LOL).

My eyes needed a break!  I broke away from Amazon and checked email only to find a notice from a company I placed a tiny order from this weekend for a birthday gift for someone... it was 'running late'.  No big deal.  I clicked on the 'track package' and went to their site only to have my internet security pop-up with a warning about malware on their site.  Surely not?  This is a big retailer.  With as many hacks and such everyone has had in the past 8 years, you would think they would stay on top of this, right?  So I exited out... and went back in without any link.  Still there.  A third time - this time I logged into my account.  Sure enough - my internet security was staying busy stopping it. 

I did a screen shot and typed in the address to Google to see what it was... because sometimes, our security can stop something that isn't actually harmful by mistake.

Nope.  This was apparently the same company/site that they had problems with in 2018 (?).  It's a third party they work with... and that third party had their systems hacked back then. 

Welp, not sure what's going on now but my internet security was warning me all over the place about it.

I stayed on the site anyway and tried to go into my account information to delete my personal information and make sure I didn't have any payment options 'saved' with them;  but it would NOT let me delete my address, phone number and name.  It's mandatory to have that info I guess.  I didn't have any credit cards saved with them but in my purchase history you can see how I've paid obviously.... ugh.

I'm SO OVER all these data hacks.  Compared to most people I order very, very little online!  AND I'm so careful about only using well known companies and sites but somehow, I still get stung.  I'm hoping this is... nothing.  And I won't be effected by this one. 

Because last year at this time I was.

Last year at this time (July) I had my card number stolen somehow... even though I had my card at all times.  Possibly at a gas station?  Or from some online orders I was placing for flowers, linens, and wedding decor.  The number was stolen, used, I caught it.  Froze account.

I got a new card.  And because I rarely use that account (I had been using it for wedding purchases only to keep it separate from our household account) it just 'sat' in my wallet unused for about a month. 

I finally used it twice.  Just twice.  Only online, at two well known companies - again, one of which was a birthday gift.

That 'new' card was literally only used twice  - online and never left my wallet, not even once.

About 2 (?) weeks after the orders, I was on vacation and woke up one morning to find my card was being used all over the place, including China.  The not-funny thing is that we were not only on vacation, but on vacation at an out of the way spot without internet.  It was a fluke I had checked email on my cellphone and had an alert from my credit card company, sent at 1:00 am when I was asleep; but I didn't have access to my account information (which is in my laptop -not my phone).

ANYWAY... fast forward another 5-6 weeks I think (?).  I was at the park with two little ones and suddenly my phone was blowing up with notifications of purchases on another card of mine.  This time our personal account. WHAT!?  No! No no no no no!!!


And boy was that a MESS.

So from July through the first of December I was dealing with aftermath.  (Actually I got a final letter in March that the investigation was final at that time). 

And now....  sigh.

I hope this is 'nothing' but considering it's the same time of year (almost exactly) as when my first card information was stolen last year.... hmmm.