Coffee Talking: Today is Death Wish Coffee, Avoiding the News for Mental Heath and Passports are being Printed and Mailed Again!

Good Morning Coffee Friends...  I'm dragging this morning, but I should be awake here in a minute as I'm sipping Death Wish Coffee this morning - courtesy of my husband, who brought me home some last night from work.

I know he was being sweet and bringing me a nice strong, bold coffee because he knows I love it but....  let's admit, walking up to your wife with a smile on your face and quietly offering her a coffee pod that says "DEATH WISH" on it could be taken in another way....  ha ha ha.

So I was in an awesome mood yesterday, and then last night while Mr. Coffee was working out, I was basically just hanging out waiting to head into bed and read so I found myself online and I did what I shouldn't do.  I started to read the news.  Before I knew it, I was angry and grumpy.  I've seen a quote attributed to a few different people, so I'm not sure who said it originally....

If you don't read the news, you're uninformed.
If you do read the news, you're misinformed.


But I know I'm a much happier and better person when I avoid stupidity, hate, negative social media accounts and the 'big' news media sources.


I think I mentioned in a post a couple months ago that this spring I decided to renew my passport.  It wasn't expiring until next spring, but I wanted to be sure to get it done so it was a check mark off my longer term 'gotta do this' list.

I got all the paperwork done, got the photos and mailed it off the first week of March.
I got a confirmation email from the gov passport office it was received on March 11th
They shut down the offices for the COVID-19 quarantines March 12th.

Having all my personal information, photos and my passport 'out there' somewhere for 4 weeks during a regular renewal time frame is bad enough; but to have it 'missing' for the past 4 months has not... been comforting.  I knew it was perfectly safe and sound but when your official passport is out of your hands, your sight and half way around the country for four long months, it's still a bit nerve wracking.

The gov started to slow-open offices and sent out emails saying they were slowly starting to process them in the order they had arrived before quarantines.  I got an email on Monday saying mine had been printed already and was being mailed out.  I have been getting text updates it's supposedly already being delivered today...  ahhhh!

I know it's silly but I'm so excited to have my passport back in my hands safe and sound!!

So if anyone else reading this has also been waiting for their passport that the paperwork was sent in right before COVID-19 quarantines... they are on their way!!!

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