Coffee's On Again!

It's been quiet around Coffee Talking because I was having my morning coffee on deck... at the beach. 

Yes, I quietly slipped away for a week, but am back home and ready to jump back into life.  Well... actually let's rethink that.  Because for the past week I was more into 'life' as we used to know it, and now that I'm home, I will be back into... quarantine.  Not 'life' but that weird thing we now call 'normal, everyday life' that is not normal at all.

Back to quarantines, staying home for the most part outside of carefully planned (and masked, and sanitized) outings or errands.  But mostly... home.

The beach is something we planned and put down a deposit for the first week of January.  We gave the dates to our extended immediate family, told them where we'd be and invited them to join us if they wished and could.  They wished.  They could.  And while I held my breath waiting to see if the beaches and home rentals would be 'open' during the quarantines, they were and we did.

Had it been a busy hotel or condo, things might have been different.  Had it been a busy beach city, things might have been different.   Had we insisted our vacation needed to involve meals 'out', excursions, shopping and such... might have been different.

But we had rented a private home, in a smaller, 'out of the way' beach area.  We always do our own meal preparations and cooking on vacations, we never go 'out' to eat and just lounging in the rental, on the deck or at the beach with our extended family was enough 'activities' for all of us.  So we stayed "HOME" all week (our rental home)... and life was grand.


I started quarantining at home the first week of March. During March, April, May and June, I ventured out to get groceries every 2 weeks and that was it.  

The first week of July,  I took one day, went to a couple retail stores that had reopened, to get some items we needed... and that's it.   Other than that, March through July I went no where.  Did nothing.  Quarantined.

But for one gloriously 'almost normal' feeling week, we enjoyed a vacation at the beach.  Basically quarantined in our house rental and the beach... but that was fine with us.

I'm back!
See you in the morning for fresh, hot coffee and conversation.........