Cyber Anniversary Cake with Your Coffee This Morning

Mr. Coffee and I are not celebrating our Anniversary today!!!  Woohoo! 

Yes it IS our Anniversary.

  • He is working all day.
  • I'm home working all day.
  • Although we typically go out to eat on our Anniversary, we are obviously not this year due to quarantine and social distancing.
  • I said "Happy Anniversary" as I kissed him goodbye at 3:45 am for work; and he sent me an ecard on Snapchat around 6:am from work.
  • He'll get home from work tonight around 6:30 or 7:pm and we'll chat for a few minutes while he changes clothes to work out.  I'll make his dinner, he'll work out and then I'll go to bed to read until I fall asleep, and he'll watch tv for awhile before coming to bed.

And thus will pass our 2020 wedding anniversary!  LOL.


*NOTE:  it bothers me that whoever made this internet ecard (years ago) used the incorrect version of your.  But it's a cute card anyway so I use it... even though I almost physically cringe every time I read it.  LOL.

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