I can ramble over water just as well as coffee!

It's after 9:pm and I'm a smelly mixture of bug spray, garlic and a bit of sweat.  I am not done with everything I hoped to accomplish today and I know (I KNOW) I should do a couple more before I head in to shower and fall blissfully into bed to read until the strong, hot, black coffee I drank at 6:pm wears off but.... I don't wanna.

We have guests coming tomorrow.  Normally this weekend we would be hosting a little family reunion of sorts for my husbands side, from all over the country; but this year, well, you know.  Covid-19.   So we didn't plan on it at all, but then our nephews wedding was canceled and he's needing some family support and fun to get his mind off it, so he and my sister-in-law (his Mother) are heading our way to do our own little teeny version of the "Andrews Family Weekend".  Just us, them, and one daughter and her husband who live near us.

We've not had company over to the house since... March.  I'm trying to remember how to host, and trying to get guest rooms and bathrooms 'guest ready' when COVID quarantines have pretty much sucked my brain dry of all social norms.  Gotta remember how to do this!  Ha ha.

I'm swigging cold water... and although I want to go jump in the shower, instead I'm going to head downstairs to put fresh sheets on that guest bed.  Last thing.  Then I'll wash all this bug spray off me from being outside putting up the gazebo and twinkle lights.

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