I'm so over what passes for news anymore today and honestly? So over so what passes as a human being. Or intelligence. Or ethics.

Skimming the news headlines this morning, this old cartoon came to mind....  I'm so over what passes for news anymore today and honestly?  So over so what passes as a human being.  Or intelligence. Or ethics.  We, (that's a collective 'we') have lost our ever-loving minds. 

Coffee in hand... well, cooling beside me as I type a morning post.  It's cup number three though, so I've got a good amount of caffeine in me to start.

Yesterday I ended up leaving in the morning and coming home in the late afternoon (almost 5) so none of my 'to do' list was... done.  That leaves me to do it today, which is fine because it's a holiday (Fourth of July) but my husband has the privilege {white privilege} of getting up at 3:30 am every day to work a 12 hour shift - and working most holidays and weekends so no, holidays are rarely actually ever celebrated here anymore now that our 'little ones' are grown and living all over the country.

(When the kids were all still growing and home, obviously all the holidays we celebrated, decorated for, and social gatherings and 'stuff' planned and participated in for 25 years....  whew!  So GLAD those days are over!  LOL. Now I can be social with parades, picnics, sporting games, block parties, etc. if I want to... but I don't, so coffee and quiet is my choice of 'celebration' most of the time!)

My 'to do' list actually spans today and tomorrow - so I'll pick and choose and work on something until I need a break and move on to something else.  I'll be around... I think.

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