License renewal during this COVID crap... not an easy task

Mr. Coffee had to renew his DL today.  Now, most of our DMV's have been completely closed for a couple months.  There were only a a tiny handful open in our entire state during the quarantines.  This week most of them were opened back up in some capacity, so this morning, needing the 'Real ID' version we gathered all the bazillion items they need (utility bills, birth certificate, yada yada) and off he went. 

When I renewed mine this spring (pre-quarantines) I chose a smaller DMV about an hour away because it was smaller and less busy.  He said he wanted to go to that one as well, so he left and drove an hour plus, to a tiny town that has a population of about 6,000.  He arrived and was immediately told by the DMV worker he needed to leave because there was no way he was getting in today.  They were only open 9-2 and he wasn't going to be served.

One of the men waiting said he was the last one they accepted and put on the wait list... he had arrived at 6:45 am to wait in line for them to open at 9:00 am.

Mr. Coffee then drove an hour the other way to another DMV location.

He arrived, donned his mask and went up to the doors.  They tested him (temperature and questions) and then took his cell phone number and told him to wait in the car.  They were having everyone wait out in their cars and calling when it was your turn.

They told him they were packed but would update him.

He went to his car and waited a little bit...  the phone rang.

They told him they were full but there was a slight chance he might get in today.  He was to wait in the parking lot and they would call to let him know *if* he was getting in.  He might not, but he was to wait for their call.

I asked him, "So, you could possibly wait out in the parking lot in your car for over 4 hours and then still not get in?"


Not cool.  He stayed for a little while and considered it; but knew it might be a complete waste of time with nothing to show for it.

The reason Mr. Coffee HAD to get his license renewed today is that it expired last week.   
And this was the only day he had to try to get this done.

So believe it or not, he set off to drive to yet a THIRD location.  Now this one isn't a DMV but a small satellite courthouse location.  You can't get a 'REAL ID' version there; only a regular renewal DL that does not have the star and won't qualify to fly domestically as of next October, 2021.  HOWEVER:  at this point, half the day was gone, he had been driving for a couple hours just trying to get in SOMEWHERE to get his license renewed and this was getting ridiculous.   The courthouse location was another 40 minutes in the other direction. 

He called them first.  They answered (which is unbelievable because I know... they almost never answer their phone!)  They said they were a little busy but he absolutely would be able to get in.  Just a few people in front of him.  So off he drove to this other little tiny town - population 2000.  He arrived at the courthouse location and....?  They were closed for lunch!  Bah ha.

Of course.

But he waited.  And they returned and opened the doors and he got in.  Got his license renewed. 

No it's not the 'real id' he'll need as of next Fall - but we hope at some point in the next YEAR he'll be able to get into a DMV without camping out all night in line as if he was trying to get concert tickets for a big concert, and get his 'REAL ID' so he can fly.  Until then?  We don't care.   He has his license renewed... it took many hours, much wasted time, wasted gas and 3 different locations but it's done.

Don't mind me... it's just the coffee talking again.


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