Monday Morning Coffee Talk - quiet and random - nothing earth shaking. Join me at the kitchen table and chat if you wish!

It's amazing how productive I think a day is going to be for me... when I'm laying in bed at 4:00 am and haven't actually gotten up yet!  

Today starts a very busy week... but the first thing I really need to do is run to Walmart.  One of the two (2) retail stores I've allowed myself to visit since quarantining in March.  After being gone all last week, I came home to dead and dying flowers in the flower pots, and empty planters.  90+ degrees, full sun and no rain really did a number on the deck and front step flowers.

With everything negative going on, I need me some positivity and 'pretty' in my life along with the groceries and household goods.  This house is where I'm at 99% of the time so some brightly colored, cheap flowers and plants isn't too much to ask for....

One little random positive:  Last night on a whim, I looked up some of the primitive campgrounds that have been closed all of 2020 due to Covid-19. I've been looking them up almost weekly and always see them listed as "indefinitely closed due to Covid-19 until further notice" but last night, I did a double take.  They are now listed as open!  Woohoo!  Nothing I can do about it right now due to some things we have going on, our schedules, my work load and frankly?  The 100 degree heat.  But it's good to see it's open.  Hopefully I can find a couple days to get away.  I really need some camping and hiking in my life right now.

I don't have any funny or crazy things to chat about this morning.  It's just some quiet, rambling coffee talk as my head is swimming with about 83 things on my list of "TO DO" this week and I'm trying to prioritize and plan the smartest way to accomplish what needs to be done.  We have two out of state family members coming for the weekend.  We typically hold our annual big extended family get together in July for my husbands side.  Due to COVID-19 quarantines, wonky work schedules and more it's not happening this year but 2 are still coming.  One just had his wedding canceled completely last month, due in big part to COVID-19 on many levels; and he needs some emotional support from family to help him remember life is good....   so some family time will be nice.  I just have a LOT of prep to get ready for guests now as we were gone all last week, and frankly?  We've not had anyone over to the house since the COVID quarantines started last March so guest rooms haven't been on my radar... cleaning, fresh sheets, menu planning, grocery shopping...

I got this.  But first... coffee.


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