Morning Chit Chat: Shopping in Mom's pantry and closets... and thankful for BISSELL to clean up poo-stains from an idiot dog! LOL

I was greeted, first thing this morning, with a poo-wipe stain on my white rug from my stupid-ass dog.  Oh that dog.... sigh.  I do have a BISSELL Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner so yes, it makes it easier to clean than the SpotShot and a paper towel (and more sanitary) but it's still a frustration when you walk out of your bedroom, blurry eyed and ready for that first cup of coffee and you are greeted by a smear on your white carpet.

And now that I've totally grossed you out... good morning!

One of our grown kids has been social distancing since March - and still is - but is holding an outdoor get-together for a few close friends this weekend for the first time since...  hmm.  I think they last time they had anyone over was actually last Fall or Christmas time.  So she's excited, but because she is social distancing and does all her shopping curb-side, online and pick-up only, she's had a few "OUT OF STOCK" on items she needed/wanted.

She was telling me the latest of out of stock food items on her pick up list.  She mentioned she had also wanted some simple red, white and blue decorations to put out on the food table and bar - but she wasn't able to get them.  She got plates and some cute hot dog holders, but that was it.  I told her I was pretty sure I still had some metal red, white and blue little buckets if she needed something to hold silverware, etc.  Which, her eyes lit up with a YES!!!! 

Since we had just repainted and organized the laundry room, I knew exactly where they were; in a canvas bin in the top cupboard!  Have not used them in YEARS....   YEARS!!!  Very cute, very sturdy, adorable little metal buckets with handles, in dark red and dark blue with a little cut out star shape.  I didn't want to get rid of them because they were/are adorable and in perfect shape and I knew I'd use them again...  but I LOVE clearing out and cleaning out... and I love when I can help people out with things they need. 

I mentioned napkins?  YES PLEASE!  Well, I went to the storage area and looked up to my boxes.  I found my "BLUE AND RED" decoration party box... and we set her up with blue, red, white napkins both drinks and food size.  A clear serving bowl to hold the individual chip bags.  3 awesome table decorations, red, white and blue drink cups and a couple other items.

We went upstairs to the wedding supply bins left from last summer's family wedding...  galvanized metal serving tray, awesome galvanized/wood handled bucket for iced juice drinks and water bottles, a couple more little items and she was SET!  Cute, functional and free.

SCORE!  Free shopping at Mom's house.

And I'm even more thrilled to get 'rid' of some of this stuff and pass it along... out of my closet, out of my storage?  Yes please!


TODAY:  I have a long, long list. 
Some creative, some fun, some not so fun. Some, not fun at all.  Like paying online bills and balancing the checkbook!  But I am also going to hopefully finish my part of the bathroom remodel by giving the freshly painted sink base (from red/brown espresso ish to white) a vintage, beachy/farmhouse rustic look.  If I'm in the right frame of mind at the time, that's actually going to be fun.

But lots and lots of 'TO DO' on my list, so I best chug the last of this coffee and get busy!

Thanks for stopping by for morning coffee.  Chime in if you wish (comment below at the bottom).

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