My new credit card arrived with an ALREADY ACTIVATED sticker on it... how is this safe? And why were they lying, anyway? It wasn't.

One of our credit cards expires next month.  We don't typically use this card, and it sits in a drawer in my desk 99.999% of the time, but it's there for emergencies and well... it expires soon.  So about 6 weeks ago they sent me an email to look out for my new card(s) coming in the mail.

Sure enough, last week an envelope arrived with my husbands and my new cards inside.  This time the cards have the 'readers' built in as well - the contact-less readers - where you just basically put your card 'near' the point of purchase machine and it will pay for your item and obviously it's a chip card.  If you use a card, then you also know that if the item you are buying is under a certain amount, you don't have to sign for it most of the time either.

The reason I bring this up is that this time our 2 cards arrived with a big red sticker across them that did NOT tell me to activate my card (like they usually do).  It said it was already 'activated and ready to be used".

Typically the sticker on your new card says to activate your card, and has an 800 or 888 number on it to call to activate, or you log into your account to activate.

This time, the bright red stickers said our cards arrived "ALREADY ACTIVATED AND READY TO BE USED".

I showed my husband and told him that didn't make me feel very comfortable...  they are now sending out the cards already ACTIVATED and READY TO BE USED?   Sending through the US mail.  And they are contact-less cards that just need to be held NEAR the terminal or inserted.  There are no pin numbers or anything.

But, whatever.  We don't usually use it and it lives in a drawer.  So into the drawer it went.

Funny though.  Within a day of delivery I got an email from the card company telling me to be sure to 'watch for my new card' in the mail and activate it when it's received.

And then another reminder this weekend that my new card should be coming and to activate it and destroy any older cards.

And finally, this morning, yet a THIRD email... telling me I should have received my new cards and be sure to remember to activate them.


You put a bright red sticker on the new cards saying the cards are ALREADY ACTIVATED AND READY TO USE - and don't give a number or website either since they are ALREADY ACTIVATED AND READY TO USE.

Whatever.  I logged in to our account.  Sure enough, a pop-up asking me to activate my card and put in the security code.

Why bother paying to change and design a new sticker, put an 'ALREADY ACTIVATED' sticker on the cards telling you NOT to call or do anything to activate them...  but you do.

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing?

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