Nope, I haven't seen Hamilton and didn't watch it last weekend. Yes, I know that shocks many people.

It's morning... only one cup of strong, hot coffee in me yet - I want to brew another but if I do, and then start typing, it will cool down to where I don't want to drink it.  So, I'll type quickly... and reward myself with a hot, strong cup of coffee.

This past weekend I know a lot of people watched Hamilton.  I wasn't one of them.  I didn't go see it a couple years ago when that was a 'thing' everyone did as well.  I also have zero interest in seeing it. 

For some of my friends that's a surprise. 
I love history. 
I love music.
I worked in the liberal arts non-profit sector. 
I love theater.
I adore Soundtracks. 
I like movies.  

"Why don't you want to see it?"

I don't know.  But I've got precisely zero interest.  Until I do find myself wanting to watch... I just don't see myself forcing myself, wasting my time or sitting through it.  I tried to like some of the songs by watching clips of them on Youtube but I couldn't even get into the songs.  Meh.  Some evening the urge to watch may hit me but until then?  Nah.


I'm often found doing things that people don't expect of me. 
Those who don't know me always expected to be certain ways based on how I look.(Judgey judgey!)
Those who do know me are often confused to find out things about me that are a surprise. 

I do what I do.  I like what I like.  I don't care what 'everyone' is doing.

This morning I've got a long list of things to get done that are all part of that 'triangle' project I mentioned in a previous post. 

So. Many. Things.  

This whole week is like that.  So, I guess I best get that second cup of coffee, finish checking my emails and such, and then, get to it.  Some of it anyway.   

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