Pretty sure even 97 year old women partied more than I did last night.......

Last night as most of my American friends were probably searching the skies for some fireworks, or lighting them off themselves, I was... in bed.  Sleeping.  And although that's not an anomaly, I had been there since - seven o'clock.

Yep!  By 3:30 pm yesterday I was yawning and ready to curl up and just do nothing.  By 5:30 pm yesterday I was dragging almost wanting to cry baby tears because I was so tired.  By 6:00 pm I was dreaming of what bed would feel like.  By 6:30 pm I was holding an argument in my own head about how great it would feel to curl up in bed with my book verses how pathetic that would be.  By 7:00 pm I didn't care.  I was on my way.  By 7:12 pm my husband, who had just gotten out of the shower, came over with a smirk on his face and shaking his head to kiss me 'goodnight'.  I told him to just pretend I was a 97 year old woman and leave it at that.

I read my book until 8:pm and although I drifted in and out after that (neighbors, parties, fireworks....) I was asleep when I (assume) my husband let the dogs out at 9:30 pm for their night-time potty and snack; and I must have slept through the midnight revelries.  Odd for me (a light sleeper that could hear a mouse sneeze outside my window) but guys... I was so so so tired.  And I have no idea why.


All the coffee talk I find myself starting to type out becomes a mini-rant or a longer conversation that isn't short enough for a Coffee Talking post so I keep deleting all the paragraphs I start.  LOL.  I'm trying to come up with some 'fluff' topics to chitter-chatter about while I sip coffee instead but honestly my head is full of imaginary conversations that are bigger than Coffee Talking so.....

I think I'll just hit publish for now, go off and do some online bill paying, get caught up on my emails and other randoms... and plan out my day.  I have a long list of "SHOULD DO" in my head verses what I feel like accomplishing so I think this calls for more coffee!

Please feel free to say 'hey' and join in the coffee talk... I see a lot of visitors every day but no one wants to chat.  LOL. 

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