Procrastination and avoidance is in the genes..............

When you have kids, you don't get to pick and choose their personalities.  DNA is DNA.  You get what you get.

And sometimes your kid inherits traits from your spouse and 'his side' of the family that drive you bonkers.

You may find that some of their personalities are compatible with yours and some are not.  You love them whole-heartedly of course, but one or two of your children certainly may take more patience than others.  Just sayin.....

Enter, my son.

He's funny and kind and wonderful and giving.  He's steadfast in his faith. He's one of the most ethical and moral people you will ever meet.  He's got a work ethic that you don't find in 20-somethings today (or even most 30-somethings!)  He is quick-witted and thinks at warp speed.

But....  oh what a procrastinator on things he doesn't want to do or think about.

He also hates reading, studying or anything remotely connected to the task of reading or studying. Taxes, for example, are a task that involves reading and thinking.  So consequently it's an issue he likes to 'not think about'.

Skipping ahead (longer story made short) is for the past two years he's been responsible for his own taxes, he's ignored the topic until literally the last second and then I get a panicked text or Facetime call and I scramble to help him get them done from 1000 miles away by way of computer and cell phone, also using snapchat, photos and screenshots.

My texts and comments to 'find someone to do them' is ignored and sure enough...  "Uh, Mom?" at the last second.

This year in March I told him to find someone local to do his taxes for him this year.
He ignored my text.
Over the next few weeks I sent two more texts reminding him to do his taxes this year... and asking him if he had done his taxes.
Silence on those text responses (although he answers everything else, he avoids answering the uncomfortable... that's where his father's DNA comes in. Along with the procrastination... ugh!  JUST DO IT AND IT WILL BE 'DONE'!)  Ignore it and goes away, right?

I stopped asking.  But my other (responsible) kids and I had mentioned it in passing conversations.

And obviously, because of the virus quarantines, the tax deadline was moved to July.

Just yesterday I told my youngest daughter I was positive her brother had not done his taxes because every time I brought up the subject it was met with silence and he avoided my questions/texts/snapchats.

He is flying out this afternoon for a family vacation.
She laughingly said she bet he would make me help him do them this weekend.  I said I didn't think so because that would mean he would have to bring his paperwork and all his information with him on vacation and he wasn't that prepared.

I said I wasn't going to even ask about it...  he's old enough to deal with the consequences himself.

This morning at 5:30 am I got a series of photos and captions on Snapchat.   It was a long funny-not-funny series of photos with short captions of a longer conversation when read one after another.

The short version is something like this:

Uh, hello Mom.
So, my friend mentioned he forgot that taxes were due by the 15th.
I forgot about taxes.
I guess that means I need to do my taxes.
Um, so do you think I could call you after work and we could do them before I fly out today?
And could you find and send me the link to the website I used last year to do them?

He gets off work at 1:30 and his flight is at 3:30. 

My face.

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