TGIF, man! Just kidding. And hey, Walmart has precisely ZERO flowers left in mid-July. Or plants. Or... anything.

It's not Friday.
It's not Thursday or even Wednesday.
No, it's just Tuesday.
Some of you will be surprised to realize that.

I'm glad it's not Friday yet.

We have people coming from out of state to visit and although I'm 75% ok with it, that persnickety 25% won't leave me alone.

Would it be too much to make them spray their luggage with Lysol upon arriving, strip down, throw their clothes into the open washing machine, wash their hands and don a mask before I hug them hello?


Yesterday I had a list of about 5 items I needed at Walmart.  I had mentioned I wanted flowers... yeah, none of those existed.  No, really.  Walmart was wiped out... as in all of their entire, huge, gigantic outside lawn and garden area was wiped out of plants, flowers or vegetables.  Empty. Shelves had nothing but a little dirt on them.

Then, in one tiny corner I found a small shelf with some old, dried up, mostly dead garden plants.  They were obviously going to be throwing them in the trash within a day or so and getting store credit for them, and no one had bothered to water them all week so not only were they dead and dying, but their soil was shriveled up into a hard knob in the center of the little plastic planters that held them.

But I was so desperate for something that yes, I was that lady.  The one digging through dead to plants to find the most undead plants to buy.  And I did.  And do you know they were were NOT EVEN ON CLEARANCE?  Nope I paid full price for those suckers.  Well... I was probably the 'sucker' but still.  Even the cashier ringing up my sale looked at me in shock and said, "These are ringing up full price!?"  "Yep.  I know, right?"  She also agreed the store was probably just getting ready to toss them and get the store credit.

But I took them home and put them in the sink and let them bask in the gloriousness of water.
Then I carried them out and planted them in my new-iwsh (but empty) planters, in the brand new soil and watered them again.

And I'll be darned.  The jalapeno and tomato plants were perking up!  The zucchini look all yellow and lime green yet, but aren't droopy... zucchini grow like weeds typically so I have hope they'll come back.  I also remembered that a few weeks ago I tossed some seeds into my indoor containers to grow 'whatever' and sure enough, the ones I marked "cauliflower' were about 6 inches tall - on spindly little stems - but never-the-less I pulled those little plugs out and planted those out there among the jalapeno, tomato and zucchini plants.  

Since I didn't find any pretty flowers, my front step plants are still bare.
I'm tempted to put in some realistic looking fake flowers and plants.
I'm not joking.
I've got some wedding decor leftover that used realistic flowers.
And with COVID-19 it's not like we are regularly having visitors so other than spying beautiful flowers from afar as they drive by... who will even be close enough to inspect them?


But first... more coffee.

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