When I open a box to chat over coffee I find myself wanting to voice an opinion on our current state of events, current people that I want to throat punch and the sad, pathetic coverage that passes for journalism.  That along with Covid-19 babble is not really what anyone wants to read... or hear... or really, even talk about because most of us are just so so so so so sick of it all. 

That means coming up with 'other stuff' to blog about over morning coffee. 

Which is fine, but I also find myself with some really, really random topics that pop into my head and I actually feel a bigger need to explain why in the heck I even thought of that topic in the first place... and most of the time that ends up being the blog post, as it gets a bit wordy.  And then, I feel like "that's a stupid post" and I delete the whole thing and go along with my day without posting anything at all!~

A conundrum, yes?

When I read a book I love when the author takes the time to tell how they came up with the story.  What little event, comment, tidbit of life grew into the tale they spun and published.  I like that.  Thankfully since I mostly read bio-terrorism, dystopian, horror, apocalyptic, time travel, science-fiction and medical thrillers, I often DO get author notes in my books; I don't think romance (blech) or most genres bother with little notes like that.

I'm currently reading a very 'fast' and 'easy' read - like, the kind you can skim read when you don't really want to concentrate on anything.  It's short 1-2 page random stories of childhood from a not-really-anyone-in-particular person who just decided to write some of them out.  Entertaining. Light. Quick, 5-10 minutes reading at a time and you can put it down and pick it up at random.  (Link here if you are wondering what book it is).  

The thing is, the author is basically the same age as I am, so it's awesome to see him writing about memories of a school trip to Florida in 1984 while I'm suddenly remembering a school band trip to South Dakota in 1984.  I can compare some of his life and memories to things I was doing in the same time period.  He also throws in a photo or two once in a while, which is awesome because again; it's my time period too. Those striped knee-high tube socks and running shorts with the white piping up the sides?  Those hair cuts?  I'm right there with ya, Bo. 

But his style of random childhood stories with no rhyme or reason for each is kind of my style too.  Whatever pops into my head 'kind of thing'.

So this morning, that is where my brain was... is.

But I've got to come up with a 'goove' that is going to work with my new 'work' schedule.  Just as I would normally be getting into my 2nd cup of coffee and starting to chat on Coffee Talking, I'm actually grabbing a to-go cup and my purse and heading out the door.  By the time I get back home any post idea I had for that morning is long gone and the moment for feeling like blogging has past.

But I'll find my morning groove.
It's only been 2 days so I'm sure I'll get into a pattern here by next week.  Or so.


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