When you can't find a tiny $.75 balance discrepancy - even going back through transactions for a month. And you need to find that discrepancy. Because your brain is just like that.

Good Morning Coffee friends!

This morning I balanced my checkbook like I always do.  I know many don't bother to do this, or just glance at their balance on a phone app every now and then but I can't comprehend people who live like that.  I have to keep a check register (yep the old fashioned paper kind) in my wallet and the second I use my debit card (as debit or credit) it gets written into the register immediately.  I keep a running total of the balance, I check balance and posted transactions daily and I have a system of using check-marks and date posted to my account in the register as well.

So imagine my surprise when suddenly for no reason, about a week ago, my checking account balance differed from what the bank has by 75 cents.   This never happens.  Ever.  And by George I cannot find the discrepancy anywhere.  I've even gone back a full month with every transaction; deposit or debit/withdrawl and I simply cannot find the $.75 difference.

Now, had this been a Wells Fargo account, I'd expect it.  We had them for years and they were constantly and consistency screwing around with the math and always 'off' - whether it be $.14 or $14.00.  Never a huge amount, typically small amounts around 1-3 dollars but ALWAYS off.  (This is when there were no 'pending' transactions or holds of any type, etc. And balancing one day - but suddenly the next, would be 27 cents missing or the balance would change from perfect balance to $2.13 off, etc. with no record of a withdrawl or reason for the sudden change).   

After awhile I grew frustrated - I figured someone was probably skimming small funds from accounts or something because seriously... every month a tiny little bit would go missing.

But if you're a long time Coffee Talking reader from those years (2008-2011 mostly) then you remember we had a LOT of issues with those scammers and liar-pants and unethical little scoundrels, Well Fargo.

However, the current $.75 discrepancy I cannot track anywhere is from our awesome bank we switched to in oh, 2011 ish and they are always, always, always right on target with the balance, and I've never in 9 years had them had small amounts of money 'disappear' or not add up from the account.

So, I assume it's 'me' and I'm missing something somewhere.  I suspect I've transposed a number somewhere and when I'm skimming/reading/adding/subtracting I'm using the wrong amount.  And seventy five cents is a small amount... I know that.  But my personality doesn't care about that.  My personality sees this as a puzzle I need to solve.  I can't just 'let it go' but I need to keep going over line-by-line data and comparing spreadsheets until I find the seventy five cents.

So that is what my coffee is fueling this morning.  


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