one word meme

Feeding baby.  One hand free.

One Word

Where is your cell phone?               desk
Where is your significant other?     basement
Your hair color?                               blonde
Your mother?                                   there
Your father?                                     pushy
Your favorite thing?                         reading
Your dream last night?                    forgotten
Your dream goal?                            beach
The room you're in?                        office
Your hobby?                                    lots
Your fear?                                        elephants
Where do you want to be in 6 years?         homesteading
Where were you last night?              home
What you're not?                              girly
One of your wish-list items?            berkey
Where you grew up?                        midwest
The last thing you did?                    bottle
What are you wearing?                    sweatshirt
Your TV?                                         nonessential
Your pets?                                        dogs
Your computer?                               newish
Your mood?                                     antsy
Missing someone?                           nope
Your car?                                        sufficient
Something you're not wearing?      shoes
Favorite shop?                                Sams
Your summer?                                quarantine
Love someone?                              obviously
Your favorite color?                       white
When is the last time you laughed?   yesterday
When is the last time you cried?    July

Try it!

A Scattergories meme because... I'm unmotivated today

I'm watching a newborn baby today so instead of heading to the grocery store as I thought I'd be... I'm being quiet while the baby is sleeping.  And using the 'baby sleeping' thing as an excuse for not vacuuming or doing dishes (although honestly he'd sleep through both...).


Coffee and reading old, old, old blogs.  And I found this old 'meme' (did we call them that back then?  I don't think we made up that word yet???). 

I just want to sit here and sip coffee so this gives me an excuse.


Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.

Marine Biologist
Marine Blue
Mashed Potatoes
Missed my ride
Move it!

An Indian food company is giving female employees "period days" off - because... that's not awkward at all

Because... announcing to everyone in your company that you are taking a day off for your period isn't awkward at all.  Does India not give "sick days" at work? 

“You should feel free to tell people on internal groups, 
or emails that you are on your period leave for the day.”

No... I really, really do NOT want to know when my co-workers are on their period nor do I want to hear anything about it.  Just take a sick day and keep that shit to yourself.  I don't care if you are 'out' for allergies, the flu, your child is sick, you are playing hooky or you just felt like calling in sick... but I don't need specifics.

"NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian food delivery company Zomato said on Saturday it would give female employees up to 10 days of “period leave” per year, as part of an effort to combat what it said was stigma around the issue.

Zomato is the most high profile organisation to institute the policy in India, a country where menstruation is still taboo to some.

“There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma attached to applying for a period leave,” Zomato chief executive Deepinder Goyal said in an email to staff on Saturday.
“You should feel free to tell people on internal groups, or emails that you are on your period leave for the day.”

Founded in 2008, Gurugram-based Zomato is one of India’s best-known companies, with more than 5,000 employees.

Millions of women and girls in India still face discrimination and health issues due to a lack of awareness surrounding menstruation."

Walmart marked my last (one time purchase) as "RECURRING" and now Discover and Walmart both say there is nothing they can do?

I got to start my morning by getting an email from my credit card company that my last charge at Walmart.com was different than my 'usual' and I might want to look into it.

I had placed an order for some items last week that came to about $325 at Walmart.com (not one of their 3rd party sellers but made sure Walmart.com was checked as the seller). 

My purchase according to Discover credit card is marked.... recurring.

It is not recurring.
It was a one time purchase.

A recurring charge for $325 would not be cool.

I ended up with both DISCOVER customer service on 'chat' with me as well as a cs agent at WALMART.COM.

The only positive was that my DISCOVER agent was in the United States and spoke English.
I don't know where my WALMART agent was located but her grammar was obviously non-English as her first language.

Needless to say... I got no where.

Discover told me the charge is marked 'recurring' by Walmart so I need to speak to Walmart.
Walmart tells me my order and payment 'went through correctly'.

Yes.  Yes it did.  But I don't want it to go through 'correctly' again... or again and again.  As in... 'RECURRING' - which she apparently could not understand the meaning of that word.

I explained to my Discover agent that Walmart was telling me at that moment that my purchase and payment went through correctly and no where on the order (anywhere) did it say 'recurring' that I could see.  I saw all the details - printed the details.  It does not say recurring. Is it possible for Discover to mark this charge as NOT recurring and stop it?

Discover Girly says:  "I googled Walmart's customer service number for you so you can call them and discuss this charge with them...."


And Walmart girly (in broken English) again tells me my order and payment went through ok.

I gave up.
I disconnected chat(s).

Now I wait... to see if I'm incurred another 'recurring charge' for $325 that no one seems to be able to stop for me.


Porcelain d'Uccle Bantam rooster
Coffee Break!

Ok, for me it's actually a B-12 drink break... but drink what you want - it's break time.

Oh the things I don't say......

I usually don't comment on sites, blogs, forums, etc.  I just read.  Even when I WANT SO BADLY to say something, I try to duct-tape my fingers and just let it go.  Usually it's just  a little comment or sarcastic quip.

I just had another one of those moments.

So someone decides they want to raise chickens.  She is posting on message boards asking for a Bantam rooster.  A poster replies offering that she has a Porcelain d'Uccle Bantam rooster available.  The original poster (no lie, and in all seriousness) posted that, NO, she wasn't interested because she wanted a LIVE rooster, not a porcelain statue.


Girl... I think you are too damn stupid to raise chickens. 


Good old rambling coffee talk.... so it looks like our basement is basically being unintentionally remodeled

I just brewed another hot, strong cup of black coffee for myself and I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave the house so I thought I'd come sit down and chat at the kitchen table over coffee for a bit.

Mr. Coffee is 'off' today - which is totally weird.  But his schedule has been a bit weird and they are having to cover a management spot for someone who's been out with COVID so today it is.

Actually he should be quite busy today... so perhaps he won't be underfoot.  We have an unexpected project he is oddly excited about doing.  Putting in a wood floor in the basement.  Now, Mr. Coffee is not a handy man, hates anything to do with maintenance, repairs, projects or keeping up the house.  That is all 'my' job listing.  But a couple months ago we had the opportunity to be gifted some incredible old barn wood, from back when wood was omg so thick and sturdy and buildings were made to last with pride.  These pieces are gorgeous and thick!  SOLID.  They are like, 2 inches thick.  And old and weathered so they have such personality.

We used them to decorate a wall behind the dart board in the basement and loved it so much we are using the rest to build and install a bar with a farmhouse/beachy/rustic vibe.  He built the frame to the bar and we were downstairs discussing it after putting it in place, when the topic of the flooring came up.

I half way jokingly told him the bar would look better on hard wood than carpet. It really was a joke at the moment because we didn't have funds nor plans to do a whole basement remodel there down, and ripping out carpet and putting in hard wood floors is about the last thing we had in mind.

Before I knew it, he was quite strong focused on how much he hated the carpet, how it was the wrong color (which he has NEVER IN HIS LIFE CARED ABOUT CARPET BEFORE) and how he thought we should put in hard wood floors.

It ends up, flooring, like a million other items are really hard to find in stock right now due to the COVID pandemic and shipments being so far back ordered or not available.  But we searched online and on phone apps for a couple days, followed up by my husband checking a Lowe's and sending me photos on his phone... we found 2 colors/styles that might work, decided on one of them and luckily it was a special buy (not normally carried) so it was oh-so-affordable!

We have a bunch of boxes of flooring in our basement as of last night, along with the trim, under layment and other what-nots needed to install.

CRAZY that about 6 weeks ago we had a normal basement with no plans at all to remodel but we basically now have an entirely new basement and bathroom.

I'm blaming it on COVID-19 quarantines!  LOL.

And... my time is up!  Gotta run.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon.


I've mentioned in the past that I stopped watching TV years (and years and years) ago.  So yes, on some topics, I've been living in a cave; mainly, commercials.  Unless they are really funny or really stupid and someone I know sends me a clip to watch or sends me a link to a copy online to view, I'm going to stay blessedly commercial free and frankly... don't care.

But with that background you'll know why I've never heard of these "JUDY" emergency kits.  Until today.  And only because I happened to be in a room where a TV was on, and I saw a commercial for it.  And I thought it was so incredibly ridiculous that I had to come look up their site online.


People are paying up to $250 for this!?  This little plastic bin filled with stuff you can literally get at the dollar store and off Amazon for pennies on the dollar for what they are charging.  And there is absolutely nothing in that container that would keep you alive or safe for longer than a day.  What the heck!?

So I did some digging (not much and didn't waste too much time...) but I wanted to check out the company.  Who owns it?  Who runs it?  Where is it based out of?

They don't make it easy... but it's out there.  You just gotta search for it.

I'll give them credit... they certainly know how and when to sell snake oil just like the good old days.
And I suppose, if someone is dumb enough to spend the money on a kit that won't do much good and they could put together themselves for about $35 total including the bin (which is the most expensive part)... well, that's their right and their choice.

But seriously.

The JUDY Safe is the biggest of the packages at $250 and is for 4 people for 1 day basically.
  • duct tape
  • a flashlight
  • a multi-purpose bag
  • a multi-tool
  • a hand-crank radio
  • a phone charger  
  • three AAA batteries
  • four emergency blankets
  • two candles
  • eight hand warmers
  • two containers of waterproof matches
  • 4 ponchos
  • 4 dust masks
  • 4 glow sticks
  • a pair of gloves
  •  a whistle)
  • tiny medical kit
  • a biohazard bag
  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • a quick-drying towel
  • two packs of tissues
  • food bar

These are screen shots of the stuff featured in the product.   Not even a whole roll of duct tape.  LOL.  A whole role at the dollar store would run you a buck.  That little smidgen is about $.15 worth.  You can also get the tool and the flashlight at the dollar store while you're at it (yep, they have a tool aisle).  I got my hand crank radio from Amazon a couple years ago.  A phone charger is pretty cheap, but this one is a single use charge.  SINGLE USE.  Wow.  Ok.  Another dollar invested on that.

I'm just... blown away by the $250 price tag on this 'kit'.


The 400 calorie apple cinnamon food bar from Ready America - $1.79 each and that is full retail price.
The water pouches sell full retail for $.45 each.
The ponchos are $1 each at the dollar store and Walmart, and $1.49 at the Ready America shop (as well as a hundred other retail sites.)
KN95 masks run about $1.49.  Even right now with price gouging, you can get one on Amazon for about $3 in a pack of 10 for 30.
The hand crank radio will run you about $14.99 but if you spend five bucks more you can get the style with a flashlight too.  Mine also has a cell phone charger built into it and I didn't pay much more for it.
The little first aid kit included is like the ones I bought off Amazon for about $2.00 each.  Now, with price increases due to fear of COVID I think they are about $6.99 on Amazon.  A nice, larger kit on Ready America will run you about $6.95.
The multi-funtion tool is easily found for about $5.95 and even full retail price at Ready America is only $14.99.

And the list goes on.  And on.

Half of the items in there you can pick up for a buck each at the dollar store.  Literally.  The poncho, emergency 'blanket', hand warmers, etc.  

Now - I'm not affiliated with Ready America or anything.  But I noticed their brand name on the food bars in the JUDY KIT so I went to their site and I recall visiting their site years ago when I first started our own family emergency kits.   Because JUDY used their products, I kind of got lost down a rabbit hole there.

Anyway.  Point being... if you want to spend that much on kit - God Bless Ya.  Glad you got the funds for that.   

Live as it happens: Things I'm saying while I read the news tonight....

I have coffee in hand.  (Donut Shop Coconut Mocha)
I have a second window open and I'm reading some various news sources (I read a plethora of sites from all different sources).
I realized I was making little comments as I read headlines and stories, and decided, 'What the heck', I'll open a window on Coffee Talk and live blog my comments.  LOL.

Megan Fox mocked by estranged husband Brian Austin Green for post calling Machine Gun Kelly an 'achingly beautiful boy'

Yeah.  That deserves to be mocked.  'achingly beautiful boy'... weird as heck.

Ellen DeGeneres's brother Vance speaks out: ‘She has been and continues to be a bright light in a dark world’

Uh, no.  A bright light is the fake persona she tries to show to the fans but she is actually part of the problem.  If you've been a fan or watched her for years (decades) you'll be able to see her true personality came through many times.  Her holier-than-though attitude was strong back on the Ellen Show.  Watch re-runs.  You'll spy it.  And she loved to tout her own personal agenda's on her shows.  Yeah, she was against hunting... so she made her boss's character on the show a strong, Christian family man who acted like a dork and loved hunting.  Watch clips of her interviews on Youtube... you can immediately tell who she liked and who she was only interviewing because she had to (producers scheduled them) or they were popular in the entertainment business at the moment so she needed to have them on the show.  She was a complete b*tch to many, condescending and dismissive to others.  (Watch how she acts during the interview with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw...).   Lastly, I was a always a fan of Ellen from her early, early comedian days and through her Ellen Show.  By the time she started her talk show however, I was no longer watching television (any television... ever) so I only caught little bits and bobs on Youtube when clicking around at night out of boredom.  I think she was about 52 years old when she FIRST REALIZED WOMEN HAD NO RIGHTS in Iraq and Iran.  She did a whole 'thing' about it on her show.  She was SHOCKED.  They couldn't vote and couldn't drive, and can't go out into public and most stores without a male with; even if it's a 12 year old male son... he has to rule over her.   Ellen never knew this.  She just found out and talked about it.  At the time I recall talking to my computer and saying "HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS?  YOU ARE IN YOUR 50's!  YOU ARE SO PROTECTED IN YOUR CELEBRITY WORLD THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE REAL WORLD IS LIKE!!!!"

And the most recent news about her just cements that feeling I had all those years ago.

Woman charged with assault after mask dispute at Staples leaves customer with broken leg

I knew it. I knew it.  Stupid f*cking b*tch.  Charge her with a hate crime too.   If the tables were turned, they would.

Alyssa Milano Tests Positive for COVID-19 Antibodies After 3 Negative Results: 'I Thought I Was Dying'

One of the biggest drama queens EVER. OMG.  Why does it ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT HER???  She's not been in the news in a few months.  She had to be dramatic and cry about something.

Cameron Diaz found 'peace' by quitting acting

Hmph. Had NO IDEA she 'quit acting'. But I doubt she really did. She probably just hasn't had any good movie offers come through. We'll probably see her suddenly 'un-retire' within 2-3 years just like so many other athletes, musicians and entertainers. Meh.

The unusual new species of stingray found in a jar

Now that was interesting. Too bad the rest of the world isn't busy reading more interesting or happy stories instead of all this hate and fear-mongering.

Joe Biden can't get through a single interview, put one coherent sentence together.....

There is a reason Biden (Creepy Joe) supporters don't want him to take part in a presidential debate... LOL

"Every time the president says one word off, they lose their minds, they spend the next 12 hours running it on a loop talking about how he shouldn't be president," she added. "Joe Biden can't get through a single interview, put one coherent sentence together and, yet, they sit quietly."

Joe Biden's Alarming Speaking Problem

Time Magazine has a list of a few of them:  link

Why the hell would I take a (cognitive) test?

At a St. Patrick's Day reception for the then Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen in 2010, Biden noted that the visitor's mother had lived in America.
"His mom lived in Long Island for 10 years or so, god rest her soul, and, er, although she's, wait—your mom's still alive. It was your dad [who] passed. God bless her soul. I gotta get this straight," Biden said.

During a 2008 campaign rally in Missouri, Biden asked the audience to applaud State Senator Chuck Graham.
"Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see you," Biden said, gesturing for Graham to stand.
Graham, a paraplegic following a car accident, is confined to a wheelchair.
"Oh, god love ya, what am I talking about," Biden said, realizing his mistake. "I tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up though, pal. Thank you very, very much...You can tell I'm new."

"I started thinking as I was coming over here, why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university? [Pointing to his wife in the audience:] Why is it that my wife who is sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright? Is it because I'm the first Biden in a thousand generations to get a college and a graduate degree that I was smarter than the rest?"

During a conference call with reporters in 2007, Biden assessed the strengths of fellow presidential hopeful Barack Obama.
"I mean you've got the first sort of mainstream African American, who is articulate and bright, and clean and [a] nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man," Biden said.

At an Illinois campaign rally in 2008, Biden said: "This election year, the choice is clear. One man stands to deliver change we desperately need. A man I'm proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next president of the United States—Barack America!"

"You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking," he told a voter.

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed," Biden said.
But as FactCheck pointed out, Herbert Hoover was president during the 1929 Wall Street Crash and television didn't exist.

"Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice-president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight," Biden said, The Telegraph reported.
"She's a truly close personal friend... quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. But she's first rate, I mean that sincerely, she's first rate."

While promoting a federal government website for the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Biden couldn't remember the simple web address, which was Recovery.gov, referring to it at first as "website number." 

When Biden stopped off at a frozen custard shop in Milwaukee back in 2010, the manager offered him a dessert for free if the veep cut taxes, Fox News reported.
Biden replied, "Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?"

On the 2012 campaign trail, when talking about Republican candidate Mitt Romney's plans for Wall Street, Biden told an audience that included many African Americans, "They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Having offered sincere and conciliatory words about the inappropriate touching controversy, Biden went on to make light of the whole affair in a speech to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, joking that he had permission to hug the organization's president.
Multiple women had accused Biden of making them feel uncomfortable by touching them and violating their personal space. One of those women was Lucy Flores, a former Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in Nevada.
After Biden's joke, Flores told Fox News he had been "so incredibly disrespectful," adding: "The basis of the behavior that I talked about was something much more serious than just a hug."

2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden is writing off a percentage of American voters because he -- and the Democratic Party -- believe they aren't "good enough" to vote for them come November, Veteran and Turning Point USA Spokesperson Rob Smith asserted Saturday.  (Because remember: he said that you are not Black if you don't vote for Joe Biden ).


Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.


CDC says some sickened after swallowing hand sanitizer

Fifteen cases of methanol poisoning caused by swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizers were reported in Arizona and New Mexico in May and June, leading to four deaths, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday.

Hand hygiene has been promoted as an important way to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, and the CDC recommends using alcohol-based sanitizer products to clean hands if soap and water are not available.

All alcohol-based hand sanitizers approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must contain only ethanol or isopropanol, but some products imported into the country have been found to contain methanol, the CDC said in a report.

The study warned that severe methanol poisoning can result in blindness or death, and asked people to check whether their hand sanitizers contained methanol. Three of the 15 poisoning case patients in the Southwestern states were discharged with visual impairment, the CDC said.

CDC worked with the two states to review poison center call records and found 15 adult patients had taken an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and been admitted to a hospital. All of them had a history of swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizer products.

All of them had a history of swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizer products....



My Original 1984 "Doll Baby" - the poor kids Cabbage Patch Doll you had to sew yourself!

Back in the early 80's a huge craze overtook America called... the Cabbage Patch Doll.   Remember there was no internet back then, so you either ordered your goods from the Sears or JC Penney catalog that came in the mail to your house, or you physically went from store to store looking for what you needed.  And in the early 80's, it was almost impossible to find a Cabbage Patch Doll!

My Mother attempted to get me one for Christmas from Sears but they were so incredibly back-ordered that basically I'd be lucky to get one by the NEXT Christmas.  I was disappointed, but I also think we handled childhood and teenage disappointments a lot better back then.  So, life went on.

One day, while shopping at the local Ben Franklin store (look them up if you've never of them... LOL) I was walking down the craft aisle and saw a package that was a "MAKE YOUR OWN" version of the Cabbage Patch, called the "DOLL BABY".   It was a head and the fabric for the body along with instructions.

I was so excited!  I may not be able to find and purchase the Cabbage Patch yet, but I could sew my own version.  I recall the kit was semi-cheap.  I want to say maybe $6.89 or something?  I would also most say $3.79 but that seems crazy cheap... even for the early 80's.

I chose a little bald baby boy and worked diligently to sew it all by myself.  Granted, I was like 12 years old or something, so it wasn't a stretch... but at the time I'd never really sewn anything and you have to do this all by hand.

You sew the little toes and fingers too.

Because one of the things I loved about the original (real) Cabbage Patch was the vanilla baby powder scent their little plastic heads gave off, I tried to replicate that by adding some of my baby brothers baby powder to the inside of my doll.  Once in a while I'd sprinkle the doll baby with more powder to keep it scented but it never smelled like the heavenly scent of the original CP's.

 One of the thing Cabbage Patch Dolls had was an authentic birth certificate that told you the name of your baby.  The Doll Baby came with a certificate but you could name them yourself, which I did.

I also raided my baby brother's clothes to dress 'my' doll in real baby clothes.  A sweater, little brown corduroy pants, a real diaper and even little booties and... baby shoes!
Lastly... I almost forgot to mention!  Cabbage Patch Dolls came with a signature on the butt to prove their authenticity.  Well... let no detail go undone.  My little Doll Baby got a little signature sewn into his butt too.  Mine!  And I checked this weekend when I found him in a storage box... there were my initials, right on his bottom.   

I named my little Doll Baby:  Ernest Dudley Tucker  (yes, 3 names)

I loved his little bald head!

The kit included a fabric body that you had to stuff and sew.
Here I sewed some little fingers for him.
(Not bad for a kids sewing skills)

He still has the original clothes I 'borrowed' from my baby brother back in 1984.
(Including little booties and his baby shoes!)

 The Original Doll Baby - the poor kids Cabbage Patch Doll!

I think I actually did get a Cabbage Patch Doll a year or so later, when they came available.  A girl doll, although I don't remember her name and I know I don't have her anymore.  But little Ernie?  Yes, I still have him... in 2020.

You may not be able to buy the Original Doll Baby Kit any longer, but it's super, super easy to find Original Cabbage Patch Dolls now!  LOL.

  Cabbage Patch Kids New Surprise Gender Reveal 9" Deluxe Newborn Baby (Blue Eyes, Girl)

  Cabbage Patch Kids 12.5" Naptime Babies - Blonde Hair/Blue Eye Girl Baby Doll (Lavender Sleep Sack Fashion)


The most loved paper dolls in the universe... my old Baby Alive Paper Dolls circa 1970's

Through the years my parents had given me some old boxes of my 'childhood stuff'.   If I had gotten the 'stuff' in bits and pieces or they had brought it during a nice calm social visit, I'd have more time to go through it all but twice it was a couple very large boxes, and the other two times was when they were visiting right smack dab in the middle of a huge 'celebration' or get together of sorts when we had a house full of people and it was impossible to even get time to find a spot for it in the garage somewhere, much less go through it.

And of course... life.

I have a large box marked "MERITTS CHILDHOOD STUFF" down in the garage that I thought had an old not-really-a-cabbage-patch doll in from 1984 and I'd been wanting to look for that for about 2 months now but never had time.  Yesterday I was walking through the garage to come back into the house and glanced at the top shelf and saw that box; decided to quickly look and yes, found the doll (which I'll post about tomorrow), but also saw an old vintage cigar box, which I knew used to hold my paper dolls.

And it still does.

When I was 3, I got my very first paper dolls - I believe possibly for my 3rd birthday.  They were Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.  My mother actually is the one that liked Raggedy Ann and Andy; I never did.  I thought they were ugly (yes, even at age 3) but I believe she also had given me a Raggedy Ann doll as well when I was one or two - and I never played with that either.   I did however play with the paper dolls.  I actually remember playing with them - even at age 3 - I can recall seeing my little hands putting on their outfits, I remember folding over the little paper pieces, the paper outfits falling off, having conversations between them and making up stories.  I remember the clothing not fitting well around their necks when their necks got too wobbly finally ripped off and had to be taped back together.  All the memories.

Although I remember getting Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was three, it was when I was 4 years old that my favorite paper dolls.  I have so very, very memories surrounding playing with these dolls!  I can even still feel the feeling in my chest, heart and stomach when I see and pick up these dolls today.  I recall that happy feeling I got playing with them. 

The Baby Alive paper doll came in a blue book and you had to punch out the baby doll and the pieces.  I recall carefully punching them out and being so excited to play with her and the outfits I could hardly control my patience. 

This paper doll was so very loved for years!!!!!


They also bought me this one...  such a simple (and cheap) toy but I cannot explain to anyone in words that suffice, just how many hours I played with these, how many car trips this vintage red cigar box (that I kept them in) traveled with me and even though paper dolls are so simple - I played with these for years.

For the hundreds of old toys and things I no longer have and are long, long thrown out or given away, I'm so very happy that I have these still!


That 'Choose Your Quarantine House' Meme that was going around.... I'd grab one person from each of those houses and form my own!

Since I'm not really on social media, I'm usually either 'late to the party' or miss it all together.  Which, I'm ok with really.  But it's a quiet morning and I did some click click click around the internet while I was ignoring the news and I saw the Choose Your Quarantine House meme. 

What a decision.

I think, honestly, after looking at and pondering all the houses, I'd just opt to find a little house of my own, all alone, because if I had to stay in any of these houses with those people, I'd want to kill myself... or them.    I would not want to be quarantined in any of them! 

Instead, there is usually one person from each house I'd take with me and we'd form our own house.

House #1 I'd take Mindy Kaling with me...
House #2 I'd grab Reese Witherspoon and rescue her from having to spend any time with Miley or that God-awful Chrissy Teigen.
House #3, I tell Taylor to come along with us!
House #4 we'd grab Dave Chappelle from.
House #5 I'd invite Jennifer Aniston to  our little tribe.
Finally, visiting House #6 I'd bring along Chris Hemsworth.

So that would be my house.


Lost and Found: Wedding Rings (and an option for silicone or rubber wedding rings!)

Browsing through news stories that are about anything BUT politics, BLM, riots, protests and the like, I came across a 'feel good' story about a found wedding ring.

Man shocked to find late mother's lost wedding ring in the garden after 34 years

A family in Scotland was thrilled to be reunited with their late matriarch’s wedding ring, recently discovered in the garden of her home 34 years after it was lost.

Musician Phil Cunningham was delighted to have the gold band returned by the new owners of the Magdalene, Edinburgh, home where his mother Mary Cunningham lived until she passed away in 2017, news agency South West News Service (SWNS) reports.

Mary’s husband, Jack, gave her the ring at their wedding in 1950, and the woman was heartbroken to lose the sentimental piece in 1986.

The home’s new owners discovered the band beneath a foot of mud while digging a new patio in their yard, according to their son.

This made me remember that my mother-in-law had also lost her wedding ring.  My husband said she lost it when he was about 7 or 8 years old.  He remembers they were all outside in the yard and when she realized she lost it, she remarked "oh, it's probably all the way to China by now!" (meaning; don't bother looking for it children, it's long gone...)  My husband said she isn't even sure when or how - or where - she lost it other than they were all out in the yard that night.

One of the comments of a reader below the story told his own of realizing he lost his wedding ring one evening, but not telling anyone.  He called into work 'sick' the next morning and headed out to the softball field where his company co-workers had played ball the night before.  He crawled around on his hands and knees all over the field hoping to find it - but knowing it was probably a lost cause.  Then, he spied it.  Buried 3/4 in the ground, the sun had shone on it just enough to cause a glimmer, which his eye caught and he was able to retrieve it.

I've never lost a wedding ring (yet... knock on wood) but I did lose the diamond out of my ring... and had no idea.  I think I've posted this story on CoffeeTalking before.  I was a full time Mom of three little ones under the age of 5 or 6 at the time.  I had had yet another non-stop busy day and was busy getting dinner on the table for everyone.  My husband had gotten home from work and was going to help set the table and get the little ones up in their seats when he spied a little craft gem glittering on the table.  He licked his finger to pick it up, and then turned to me to ask if our 5/6 year old had been doing crafts that day?  He just found one of her little sparkly diamond gems.  I said no, and glanced down at my wedding ring only to realize the prongs that hold my diamond were empty!

Somehow the prongs had come lose and the diamond had fallen off... and of all the places in our home it could have happened and been lost forever, thankfully it fell on the dining room table AND my husband saw it!!  I had it fixed at the time and it didn't happen again until about 4 months ago, when a drawer closed on my hand before I could pull it out quick enough, hitting just the right angle of my ring on my fingers to jar the diamond out.  I noticed right away, and looked for the diamond, which had fallen into the drawer as it snapped closed.  I got it fixed (although the jeweler ordered and used a crappy prong setting that are just a little too tall; as it catches on all fabrics now and snags them.  Sigh.)

My husband has also never lost a wedding ring, although he did have one save his finger, but get smashed at the time.  He had it happen at work and he would have lost his finger, but the ring protected it just enough that it smashed it, cracked it and smooshed his finger pretty flat, but stopped it from getting completely smashed.  The ring was toast.  We had it fixed but it was pretty weak after that so we bought him a second gold band to wear with it. For about 10 years he wore two wedding rings until the weak one cracked again and he put it away and just wears the replacement band now.

Another person who lost their wedding ring... twice (or is it three times?) is my daughter's mother-in-law.  When my daughter got engaged, her boyfriend was over-the-line crazy nervous about her losing her ring.  She swore to him she wasn't going to lose it and to stop worrying!  He finally admitted that his own Mom had lost her ring two or three different times.  Not really knowing other females to compare with, he assumed all females would be air-headed enough to lose it (so many times).  DD only lost it once and briefly; she reached into a box to get a new trash bag and because the ring was too big and so loose, it did slide off her finger.  But realized it right away and we were able to find it... and she already had an appointment to have it 'fitted' anyway so soon enough it was fitted and was no longer too large (or too loose).

Our son-in-law has a physical job during the summer months and refuses to wear his ring for fear he'll lose it, so he bought a 3 pack of the rubber - silicone wedding rings you can get at Walmart or Amazon, and wears one of those to work everyday.  No stress!   Our daughter also wears one when she is working with soil or plants, or gardening and they both change to the rubber rings when they go to the beach!

My own parents have never lost a wedding ring, nor did any of my grandparents.  My Mom did lose a stone from her 'mothers' ring with the birthstones of the kids; but obviously that isn't nearly as expensive to replace as a wedding ring.

Welp, I know this post didn't really serve an earth-shattering purpose, but you know me... it's just the coffee talking again.


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Coke and Coffee.... pairing up and coming soon

Coca-Cola is bringing its iced-coffee infused drinks to the United States at the beginning of next year after launching the product line in international markets two years ago.

The company's Coca-Cola with Coffee will hit stores nationwide in January of 2021, the company announced Friday.

The drink, which combines the taste of Coca-Cola with Brazilian coffee, is part of the Coca- Cola's “lift and shift” strategy where the company works to "scale successful beverage innovations from market to market via an experimental, test-and-learn approach," the company said.

The drink comes in three flavors: dark blend, vanilla and caramel, which are packaged in 12-ounce cans. Each contains 69 milligrams of caffeine.


The product was first piloted in Japan in 2018 before hitting more than 30 markets around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey and Italy.

(You can read more from the source link above.)

It was one of those surreal 2020 moments again

Social distancing on the tail end of quarantines has (for the most part) suited my personality just fine. 

Since March I've only ventured out to the grocery store; and even that was not a weekly endeavor.  I went a full month without leaving the house for groceries at the beginning, and then went every 2 weeks.  

We had planned a vacation to a residential area of a beach for July; a private house rental and a low-populated beach so we went ahead with that plan, and I had Lysol, Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer with me that was used in copious amounts.  That was three (3) weeks ago and I haven't yet been to the grocery store since we returned home either. 

Part of staying home even more than the average person is staying home now is also because I started to watch the newborn of a family member this past week as her maternity leave ended and she had to return to work.  She loves her job, and she doesn't often have to come into contact with the public (and when she does, she is fully masked) so her returning to work wasn't a big hurdle in that respect. (The bigger concern is that her husband is a teacher and will be returning to the classroom in 2 weeks.)  But I felt better knowing I wouldn't be picking up the virus and possibly giving it to the baby, so I've been self-quarantining basically since March... and it's now the first of August.

Yesterday morning I went to do the 'meet up' to pick up the baby for another day of childcare.  I only had a quarter tank of gas, which is plenty (about 125 miles before it runs out) but my personal level of comfort when it comes to the gas tank is never under half.  I'd been stressing about the quarter tank all week long so I decided I needed to put my anxiety to rest and just stop and get gas.

It was one of those surreal 2020 moments again.

For pete's sake, all I was doing is getting 
pay-at-the-pump gas,but as I stood there with the 
gas nozzle in my hand, staring off at the traffic in the 
road ahead of me,it just felt so bizarre to be 'out and about'. 

For pete's sake, all I was doing is getting pay-at-the-pump gas but as I stood there with the gas nozzle in my hand, staring off at the traffic in the road ahead of me, it just felt so bizarre to be out and about.  When you only leave your house once every 2-3 weeks, it gets to be so odd feeling to do so!  Not to mention the fact that when you are not going anywhere, you aren't using gas so it had been about 2 months since I even put gas in my car... so, so weird.

Today I do need to head to get groceries again.   The same old store.  The same route.  The same... everything that I've done since March.  One of about three places I've been in all of 2020. 

So, so weird.


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