But in my life, tasks and projects and chores are never just a straight line. I'm like 'Billy' from the Family Circus

I'm here... with coffee!  A real coffee talking post for the first time in a few days.

This morning when I got my coffee and sat down at the desk to check the news and emails, I realized I was a bit... chilly.  This was the little reminder that yes, Fall is almost upon us and it would be a good day to empty out the 'baby pool' in the back yard (not for babies, but one of those 8 foot rounds that are about 2 feet tall...).

But in my life, tasks and projects and chores are never just a straight line. 

(I'm like Billy from Family Circus - remember that comic?)

So, back up a little.

I bought some waist high planters this summer and put them on the deck.  I filled them with some really good quality soil, that had 'fertilizer' already in it so... no fuss, no muss for me. 

They have a drain built in on the bottom and because I live in a hot climate, when it's in the high 90's and there is no rain, things dry and die daily - so I keep the plug closed to keep in every bit of water.

I was watering them and trying to keep them alive in our scorching heat but then, for a couple days in a row we not only finally got rain, but we got the heavy, crazy downpours that flood things.  Which is fine, except yesterday I walked out on the deck to check on the plants when I realized my planters now looked like big, fat pregnant black cows.  If you've seen a pregnant cow, you know how bowed out their centers are!  That's what the planters reminded me of.  They looked as though they were going to burst at any second!
So, I opened the drain plugs.

What came out was certainly 'relieving' for the poor stressed containers but oooo booooy!  The SMELL.  That 'fertilized' soil had been stewing in a rain water/cow manure soup and it was now draining out brown, smelly water all over my deck.
I briefly started to use water from the pool to scoop and pour to attempt to water down and wash off the deck, but with two planters that were literally filled to the brim with what amounted to poo water, it was a lost cause.  I went into the house and let it do its thing so I could deal with it later.

I was hoping for rain today but alas, the sun beat the rain clouds away the brown water now was dried.  The smell had dissipated mostly, but I could still smell it, and I could tell the slight hint of brown color to the khaki deck was not just a shadow or my eyes.  It was literally dried tea-colored poo water.

Now, we can skip forward to the baby pool and how it was a bit chilly this morning, so I knew our days of swimming were over (and honestly no one had used it in a month already... so it was time).

When I walked out on the deck and saw the dried tea/poo water it was simply on my way to the baby pool.  As I looked at the pool, I realized I could use the pool water to pour on the (dry now) deck, use the straw broom to swoosh it off, thereby cleaning it.   I needed a large bucket and some bleach.  Back into the house I went to find a large bucket.

As I went into the house (remember... never a straight line to my chores/tasks) I saw the large bucket sitting in the kitchen area that has been waiting for me to decide what to do with it for 2 months already.  It's full of black fabric dye.  I didn't want to 'waste' the fabric dye when it was used, so I had put it into bucket with a rubber gasket seal and I've been storing it to use whenever I needed to dye or refresh something 'black'.

I grabbed the bleach and the black dye bucket and decided to dump the dye (finally) and use the bucket to scoop out water to throw on the deck.  But... it's dye.  And I didn't want to pour it on the grass so I decided to dump it into the pool.  This would water down the dye so it didn't actually stain anything when I emptied the pool.  So I did.

And boy did that water turn dark brown.  Kind of like the fertilized brown stinky water that had come out of the planters yesterday!  Just... better smelling.  Ha.

But it didn't dissipate as much as I thought it would!  So now, I was going to be throwing brown water on top of brown water to clean the deck?  Oh goodness.  That dye was pretty strong!

But... bleach.

So I just turned the bleach container upside down on the deck and started to pour a bunch all over the place, then grabbed the bucket and added pool water.  Using the broom, I 'swept' the brown bleachy water off the deck to the stone walkway that edges it.  Basically... it worked out ok.  A bit 'strong' on the bleach, which makes the wood deck very very slippery but whatever.

I was so over it all by this point.  I swept it, but grew tired of pouring buckets of fresh (?) brown dyed pool water over it, so I called it 'good enough' and finally... FINALLY... got to do what I originally went outside to do.

Empty the pool.

So, now I'm happy to report that the baby pool is empty and laying out in the yard to dry.  The carpet that goes under the pool is also out to dry.  The deck is de-cow manure'ed.  The bucket is on the deck to dry and the broom put away.

An hour long 'bee line' style job... to simply empty out the baby pool.

Such is my life.  Never, ever a 'straight line' to get something accomplished.

Long, rambling and boring story with really, no point.  Meh.  It's just the coffee talking again.....

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