Domestic Terrorists BLM-Antifa Militants being supported with these companies donations: Vans, DoorDash, Spanx, Clif Bar, Ritz Crackers, OREO, Degree, and more....

“Wake Up Motherfuckers!” 

BLM-Antifa Militants Rove Into Portland Neighborhood in Late Night Rampage

Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants roved into a Portland neighborhood Thursday evening and harassed white men sitting on their porches.

The militants marched through a residential neighborhood beating on drums, holding signs that read “reparations” and chanted “no justice, no peace!”

As soon as the roving gang spotted a white man sitting on his porch, they stopped marching to harass him.  “Hey! Right here is another example of white men feeling comfortable! I bet you never had a struggle in your life! Ever!” the militant screamed in a bullhorn.  “Fuck your flag! Fuck your flag!”

The gang then roved into another residential neighborhood beating drums and screamed: “Wake up motherfucker wake up!” in a late night rampage.


Clothing company H&M donated $500,000 across three social justice organizations including Color of Change, H&M announced in a June 1 Instagram post.

We’re committed to using our voice and influence to do our part and stand up against racism and discrimination. Today, H&M group will donate 500 000 USD to @naacp, @colorofchange and @aclu_nationwide. We support these organisations in their efforts for justice, economic rights and democratic empowerment. Let’s change. Together. #BlackLivesMatter H&M       -A post shared by H&M (@hm) on Jun 1, 2020 at 11:18am PDT

Clif Bar announced a $100,000 donation split between two groups, including Color of Change, in a June 1 Facebook post.

Cisco announced on June 1 that it was splitting a $5 million donation across four social justice groups, including both Color of Change and Black Lives Matter.

RITZ Crackers announced on June 4 that the company and its sister brands — OREO, Trident and Chips Ahoy! — had donated $500,000 to the NAACP and Black Lives Matter.

Degree pledged $100,000 to Black Lives Matter, the deodorant company announced in a June 1 tweet.

Food delivery service DoorDash donated $500,000 to Black Lives Matter, along with donations to other racial justice groups, the company announced in a June blog post.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield and his wife announced they would make a $700,000 donation to Color of Change, Black Lives Matter and a host of other organizations in June, Protocol reported. The couple also said they would match $300,000 in employee gifts to organizations.

Clothing brand Vans Inc. announced a $50,000 donation to Color of Change in June, according to the Orange County Business Journal.

Women’s working space collective, The Wing, donated $200,000 to Color of Change in June, according to Protocol.

The Pokémon Company International company announced on Twitter in June it would be making a $100,000 donation to Black Lives Matter.

Fashion and music merchandising company Bravado pledged to match employee donations to Black Lives Matter, among various other organizations, Protocol reported.

Workspace computer software company Dropbox pledged to donate $500,000 to Black Lives Matter in a June 3 blog post.

Women’s undergarment company Spanx said it would donate $100,000 across multiple organizations, including Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and the Minnesota Freedom Fund, according to a June 3 Instagram post.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has faced scrutiny for using donations to post bail for alleged violent criminals, including a woman charged with murder and a convicted rapist.

Beauty company Biossance announced it would donate $100,000 to Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU and the Minnesota Freedom Fund in a June Instagram post.

Sportswear company Lululemon announced they donated a $250,000 sum to a variety of organizations, including Black Lives Matter, according to an Instagram post.

Japanese video game publishing company Square Enix made a $250,000 donation to Black Lives Matter and pledged to match employee contributions to Black Lives Matter, as well, the company announced in a June 2 tweet.