It was one of those surreal 2020 moments again

Social distancing on the tail end of quarantines has (for the most part) suited my personality just fine. 

Since March I've only ventured out to the grocery store; and even that was not a weekly endeavor.  I went a full month without leaving the house for groceries at the beginning, and then went every 2 weeks.  

We had planned a vacation to a residential area of a beach for July; a private house rental and a low-populated beach so we went ahead with that plan, and I had Lysol, Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer with me that was used in copious amounts.  That was three (3) weeks ago and I haven't yet been to the grocery store since we returned home either. 

Part of staying home even more than the average person is staying home now is also because I started to watch the newborn of a family member this past week as her maternity leave ended and she had to return to work.  She loves her job, and she doesn't often have to come into contact with the public (and when she does, she is fully masked) so her returning to work wasn't a big hurdle in that respect. (The bigger concern is that her husband is a teacher and will be returning to the classroom in 2 weeks.)  But I felt better knowing I wouldn't be picking up the virus and possibly giving it to the baby, so I've been self-quarantining basically since March... and it's now the first of August.

Yesterday morning I went to do the 'meet up' to pick up the baby for another day of childcare.  I only had a quarter tank of gas, which is plenty (about 125 miles before it runs out) but my personal level of comfort when it comes to the gas tank is never under half.  I'd been stressing about the quarter tank all week long so I decided I needed to put my anxiety to rest and just stop and get gas.

It was one of those surreal 2020 moments again.

For pete's sake, all I was doing is getting 
pay-at-the-pump gas,but as I stood there with the 
gas nozzle in my hand, staring off at the traffic in the 
road ahead of me,it just felt so bizarre to be 'out and about'. 

For pete's sake, all I was doing is getting pay-at-the-pump gas but as I stood there with the gas nozzle in my hand, staring off at the traffic in the road ahead of me, it just felt so bizarre to be out and about.  When you only leave your house once every 2-3 weeks, it gets to be so odd feeling to do so!  Not to mention the fact that when you are not going anywhere, you aren't using gas so it had been about 2 months since I even put gas in my car... so, so weird.

Today I do need to head to get groceries again.   The same old store.  The same route.  The same... everything that I've done since March.  One of about three places I've been in all of 2020. 

So, so weird.


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