Lost and Found: Wedding Rings (and an option for silicone or rubber wedding rings!)

Browsing through news stories that are about anything BUT politics, BLM, riots, protests and the like, I came across a 'feel good' story about a found wedding ring.

Man shocked to find late mother's lost wedding ring in the garden after 34 years

A family in Scotland was thrilled to be reunited with their late matriarch’s wedding ring, recently discovered in the garden of her home 34 years after it was lost.

Musician Phil Cunningham was delighted to have the gold band returned by the new owners of the Magdalene, Edinburgh, home where his mother Mary Cunningham lived until she passed away in 2017, news agency South West News Service (SWNS) reports.

Mary’s husband, Jack, gave her the ring at their wedding in 1950, and the woman was heartbroken to lose the sentimental piece in 1986.

The home’s new owners discovered the band beneath a foot of mud while digging a new patio in their yard, according to their son.

This made me remember that my mother-in-law had also lost her wedding ring.  My husband said she lost it when he was about 7 or 8 years old.  He remembers they were all outside in the yard and when she realized she lost it, she remarked "oh, it's probably all the way to China by now!" (meaning; don't bother looking for it children, it's long gone...)  My husband said she isn't even sure when or how - or where - she lost it other than they were all out in the yard that night.

One of the comments of a reader below the story told his own of realizing he lost his wedding ring one evening, but not telling anyone.  He called into work 'sick' the next morning and headed out to the softball field where his company co-workers had played ball the night before.  He crawled around on his hands and knees all over the field hoping to find it - but knowing it was probably a lost cause.  Then, he spied it.  Buried 3/4 in the ground, the sun had shone on it just enough to cause a glimmer, which his eye caught and he was able to retrieve it.

I've never lost a wedding ring (yet... knock on wood) but I did lose the diamond out of my ring... and had no idea.  I think I've posted this story on CoffeeTalking before.  I was a full time Mom of three little ones under the age of 5 or 6 at the time.  I had had yet another non-stop busy day and was busy getting dinner on the table for everyone.  My husband had gotten home from work and was going to help set the table and get the little ones up in their seats when he spied a little craft gem glittering on the table.  He licked his finger to pick it up, and then turned to me to ask if our 5/6 year old had been doing crafts that day?  He just found one of her little sparkly diamond gems.  I said no, and glanced down at my wedding ring only to realize the prongs that hold my diamond were empty!

Somehow the prongs had come lose and the diamond had fallen off... and of all the places in our home it could have happened and been lost forever, thankfully it fell on the dining room table AND my husband saw it!!  I had it fixed at the time and it didn't happen again until about 4 months ago, when a drawer closed on my hand before I could pull it out quick enough, hitting just the right angle of my ring on my fingers to jar the diamond out.  I noticed right away, and looked for the diamond, which had fallen into the drawer as it snapped closed.  I got it fixed (although the jeweler ordered and used a crappy prong setting that are just a little too tall; as it catches on all fabrics now and snags them.  Sigh.)

My husband has also never lost a wedding ring, although he did have one save his finger, but get smashed at the time.  He had it happen at work and he would have lost his finger, but the ring protected it just enough that it smashed it, cracked it and smooshed his finger pretty flat, but stopped it from getting completely smashed.  The ring was toast.  We had it fixed but it was pretty weak after that so we bought him a second gold band to wear with it. For about 10 years he wore two wedding rings until the weak one cracked again and he put it away and just wears the replacement band now.

Another person who lost their wedding ring... twice (or is it three times?) is my daughter's mother-in-law.  When my daughter got engaged, her boyfriend was over-the-line crazy nervous about her losing her ring.  She swore to him she wasn't going to lose it and to stop worrying!  He finally admitted that his own Mom had lost her ring two or three different times.  Not really knowing other females to compare with, he assumed all females would be air-headed enough to lose it (so many times).  DD only lost it once and briefly; she reached into a box to get a new trash bag and because the ring was too big and so loose, it did slide off her finger.  But realized it right away and we were able to find it... and she already had an appointment to have it 'fitted' anyway so soon enough it was fitted and was no longer too large (or too loose).

Our son-in-law has a physical job during the summer months and refuses to wear his ring for fear he'll lose it, so he bought a 3 pack of the rubber - silicone wedding rings you can get at Walmart or Amazon, and wears one of those to work everyday.  No stress!   Our daughter also wears one when she is working with soil or plants, or gardening and they both change to the rubber rings when they go to the beach!

My own parents have never lost a wedding ring, nor did any of my grandparents.  My Mom did lose a stone from her 'mothers' ring with the birthstones of the kids; but obviously that isn't nearly as expensive to replace as a wedding ring.

Welp, I know this post didn't really serve an earth-shattering purpose, but you know me... it's just the coffee talking again.


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