MiO Mocha and Vanilla Java might be back??? Available at Amazon but also some commissaries and Walmarts (apparently)

Yesterday I broke out one of the bottles of MIO Mocha Java I've got stashed in my cupboard and enjoyed an iced coffee.  When I use it (or the vanilla java MiO) I feel a twinge of remorse since I haven't been able to find them anywhere in the stores near me in a year so I've been using mine sparingly.

Since they disappeared from my grocery stores and Walmart's, the only places I've found them is on Amazon and eBay.  I thought they would have dwindled out by now but instead, there are more links on Amazon for the product than there were at any point in the last year.  I wondered how that was possible so I went to the KRAFT homepage (they made MiO) and surprisingly, I saw they were again featuring the product.

I did a search on their site for "WHERE TO FIND...."  and unfortunately, although there were 2 Walmarts and one military commissary listed, none were within 70 miles of me.   So I've not found them in any retail store, but apparently you can still find them online!  That's good to know at least, and since they are still available in some places, it explains why you can still easily find them on Amazon.  

MIO Liquid Concentrate, Iced Mocha Java and Iced Vanilla Java

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