That 'Choose Your Quarantine House' Meme that was going around.... I'd grab one person from each of those houses and form my own!

Since I'm not really on social media, I'm usually either 'late to the party' or miss it all together.  Which, I'm ok with really.  But it's a quiet morning and I did some click click click around the internet while I was ignoring the news and I saw the Choose Your Quarantine House meme. 

What a decision.

I think, honestly, after looking at and pondering all the houses, I'd just opt to find a little house of my own, all alone, because if I had to stay in any of these houses with those people, I'd want to kill myself... or them.    I would not want to be quarantined in any of them! 

Instead, there is usually one person from each house I'd take with me and we'd form our own house.

House #1 I'd take Mindy Kaling with me...
House #2 I'd grab Reese Witherspoon and rescue her from having to spend any time with Miley or that God-awful Chrissy Teigen.
House #3, I tell Taylor to come along with us!
House #4 we'd grab Dave Chappelle from.
House #5 I'd invite Jennifer Aniston to  our little tribe.
Finally, visiting House #6 I'd bring along Chris Hemsworth.

So that would be my house.

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