AHA Black Cherry and Coffee Sparkling Water...

Fourth (?) cup of coffee on a rainy morning. Hello Coffee Friends!

This weekend I saw a new-to-me sparkling water.  It  said it was Black Cherry and Coffee so how could it not catch my eye, right? 

It's by Aha, made by Coca-cola and if you are looking for a coffee and black cherry flavored water... this is not it.

Apparently it's 'black cherry' with a tiny bit of caffeine added... not coffee, not coffee flavored.  Not even a hint.  And if you are hoping for a kick of caffeine, this isn't it either.  It's got the equivalent of just 1/3 a cup of coffee - which is very, very little. 

If you like black cherry sparkling water and don't mind a tiny bit of caffeine, this may be for you, but it's really nothing to write home about if you were actually hoping for a jolt of caffeine, or the taste of coffee! 

Aha Sparkling Water (Black Cherry + Coffee), 12 Fl Oz (Pack Of 8)

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