Blogger took the Legacy version editor away for good... Writing, editing and posting is such a pain in the butt now and takes forever and things look stupid.

I know my readers don't know what goes on behind the scenes in blogging, but the editor you use is HUGE for the 'behind the scenes' experience. 

Blogger/Google's 'new' 2020 version makes typing a simple post take 5 times longer. You have to fight to do simple things like wrap-around text or drag/move the image.  You can't put html in the compose view and have it publish correctly, but must switch back and forth between compose and HTML, you can't put in your HTML code, go to html and then back to compose to see what your image/links/text looks like.  It takes 3-4 clicks to do what you used to be able to do in 1 click.  And that's just the BEGINNING of the awful horrible 'new' blogger.  And they apparently don't want to admit they are fuck-ups and let people choose to keep the version that WORKS and WORKS WELL because they've now taken it away completely.  Sigh.  

So I've posted very little the last couple days... and with all the frustrations of everyday life in 2020, blogger should be a happy place to come to to post.  Instead I find myself with a headache and angry so for now... meh.

I'm just going to go sip my coffee.  Sorry.


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