Coffee Talking this afternoon not over coffee, but a White Claw... watermelon flavor, which I don't completely care for, so it has a tiny little dash of tangerine orange Mio flavor drop in it.

I got out of the house today.

I didn't go far, I didn't do much... but it was needed and it was fabulous.  

There aren't too many activities I actually enjoy, but traveling, road trips, camping and hiking are some of them - which I've not been able to do for so long.   Today I was all set to help clean out, go through and organize boxes in the garage but I was in a pissy place and needed to get out of this house.  Luckily I found a spot not too far away so without overthinking it, I just informed my husband I was going to 'walk' and he was welcome to come with... or not... but i had to get out of this house.   :)

And I did.


I threw a new shirt in the car for after I was done so I could multi-task and stop to grocery shop on the way home. 

The grocery store I went to is a bit more... um... uptight (?) than my normal Walmart or Sam's Club grocery trips.  This store is more expensive and tends to cater to a different type of shopper due to the higher prices, the items they carry, and where it's located.  

But OH MY GOODNESS these people shopping today had a few that drove me bonkers about the whole COVID-19 thing.  

I was looking at juice, which is in the first 'aisle' of the store - that isn't even an aisle since it's first.  It's next to the wide open space where the fruits and vegetables are.  There was a cooler with specialty imported cheeses right behind me, but because it wasn't a legit 'aisle' it was like, 6 feet wide.  And I saw a woman stop to my left, in my peripheral vision.  And she didn't move - which is fine, I thought she was looking at juices too.  So I kept reading labels and she was still there.  I looked up and made eye contact briefly, and wondered why she wasn't moving and just standing there.  I looked up again and she is staring at me... I said, "Are you waiting to go around me?"  as I motioned to the WIDE empty space behind me.  "YES I AM!"  she replied tersely. 

This made NO SENSE but I stepped directly back about 3 steps from where I was.... and she grumpily pushed her cart and went past me.  

I said (loud enough for her to hear...)  Okaaaaay... that was... weird.

How did me moving 3 steps DIRECTLY BACK from where I was help her keep 'social distancing' in ANY way shape or form?  It didn't.  As a matter of fact she's an idiot because I previously had my BACK to her.  She had about 4 feet behind me to walk past.   I stepped backwards so she passed in FRONT of me.  She would have (in theory) been safer to pass BEHIND ME.

Stupid twit.

I had two more absolutely ridiculous people later in the store, but for the most part, it was normal people.  One wouldn't look at the cheese which was about 4 feet down from where I was standing, until I literally moved over about 8 inches to my left.  Basically - not really moving at all - but in her mind it was 'safe' now and she stepped forward to look at her cheese.

WTF people?

I seriously doubt that 8 inches made any difference but... whatever.  LOL.

I guess it made them feel better?