Coffee Talking... why does Amazon alphabetize authors by their first name? I RARELY know (or care) about an authors first name. I was ALWAYS taught in school to alphabetize by LAST NAME FIRST. Hmmm.

I wish I had some awesome coffee chat this morning but... I don't.  It's just been a normal, regular morning thus far - which is a good thing!   

One thing that I thought about this morning was a co-worker at my last job who is about 10 years younger than I am.  She was typing something up that we needed to publish and I noted she and the intern - who was about 5 years younger than she; had been taught to only put one space behind a period when ending a sentence.

My entire life (including a mandatory typing class in junior high) we were taught that after a period, you do a double tap on the space bar.  Two spaces after a period before you start the next sentence.  She said no, she was taught in college to do one space.  

No, I've never cared enough to look it up and see if that's what 'they' are teaching now or if it was an anomaly of that particular time/school/state... whatever.  

But another thing that makes zero sense is schools don't like to teach correct alphabetization any longer.    And the most IRRITATING time this gets to me is when I want to search for a book by a certain author on Amazon and they have authors listed by FIRST names first.


If I'm searching an author a saw mentioned online or heard someone mention to me, it makes sense I'm going to search by their LAST NAME.  

If I was looking for something by Tchaikovsky for instance, I would absolutely NOT have know to look it up by Adrian.  I would have clicked on the T's for Tchaikovsky.

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