“Good morning, sunday morning” Wtf?! What is Wrong with Pelosi? It really seems Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are both mentally unfit......


The look on Stephanopoulos’s face says it all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wires got crossed Sunday morning during her interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

During her Sunday morning interview, the Speaker didn’t rule out impeaching President Trump in order to block him from appointing a new Supreme Court Justice.

“But to be clear, you aren’t taking any arrows out of your quiver, you’re not ruling anything out,” Stephanopoulos said.

80-year-old Pelosi suffered from a bizarre episode.

Out of the blue, Pelosi responds, “Good morning — Sunday morning.”

This is not an edited clip. It is directly from the ABC News YouTube channel.



October 12th - And just for the heck of it - because this man screws up EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH... today he announced he was running for Senate.  Again.  


(Screenshot - not a working video)


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