Have you seen the video "The Types of People at a Potluck"? Some 'happy' and cute coffee talk tonight.....

One of the things that was big when I was growing up was potlucks.  Between our school functions (small Catholic school) and our church, we had regular potlucks of one sort or another all the time.  Although I don't think we had potlucks much when we lived in the 'big city', we moved to a tiny little itty bitty town when I was in 2nd grade and from 2nd - 8th there were many, many potlucks.

I got a nice little break during my high school years as back then we didn't have helicopter parents and we didn't believe in 'everyone gets a trophy' so we didn't have to do all the crap that we do today.  But between all my kids potluck dinners for various activities, sports, blah blah blah as well as all the potlucks we had to have at my previous job... well, I'm happily potlucked out for the rest of my life if I had my way.  (Can you tell I'm not a fan???).

You have caught some of the "It's a Southern Thing" on social media before, and if you have, you might have seen this one (almost all of them are so awesome... and so true) but I couldn't help but chuckle, and thought I'd share some mindless 'HAPPY' stuff on the blog.  Spread the sunshine... we've got enough 'rain' int the world right now.

I bet you all know someone (or are someone?) that fits all of these PEOPLE AT A POTLUCK!  Ha ha.