Just for the heck of it, I did a search on Amazon for the keywords "MADE IN USA"

Still grappling with my hatred of fighting with the 'new' 2020 blogger editor.  I've always hated the WordPress editor (ALWAYS) so although many are jumping ship to their editor, that one has never been user intuitive to me over the past 20 years so I don't know....  I come here, start posts and get fed-up with Blogger and then leave without posting. 


Yesterday afternoon, just for fun, I did a search on Amazon for "Made in USA" and checked out the results.  Although many were, there were almost just as many Chinese made items that were listed - obviously lying in their product search descriptions.  Some didn't put anything about being made in China or USA in the 'official' product information (just the search keywords) but many are obvious, so I took those products and/or company names and looked them up on the internet only to find, sure enough, completely 100% Chinese crap.   

One item that looked... umm, 'off' and confusing was this one.  A USA made can opener? 

Note the top where the brand name usually is;  "MADE IN USA CAN OPENER"


Then 4 random photos... an American flag, something I can't tell what it is, an old baseball card photo and an ad for NEHI drinks.  And the writing on the bottom again; Made in U.S.A.

Not only is the packaging so incredibly poorly done, the opener is even two different colors. 
One of the Amazon customers posted a photo of the 'back' of the packaging that listed a legit American company name and address.  

So, I took 3 seconds to look the company up.  They do sell can openers.  
They are actually a well known can opener company... but their products (which are found sold in stores around the US) look like this...


Not even close.  
Just for the heck of it, I clicked on the name of the seller to see their product page.  There is another name and address listed - a Russian woman with a random Virginia address that is also the address of a transmission repair shop.  

At this point I just clicked away. I really had no reason to click on the items or check into them, other than the fact that when I saw the awful dark green packaging of the first one, I had doubts it was the Steuby Company product.  I didn't even plan to buy one.  

Just one of those random rabbit holes you fall down on the internet I guess....


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