My GAS ONE butane camp stove that I love so much that I orderd a 2nd just in case!

Last weekend I ordered another butane/propane cook stove.  (GasOne Propane or Butane Stove) I've already review this one on Coffee Talking previously if you want to search for it in the side bar - but yes, I ordered a second one.

Why?  First of all because it's my "GO TO" camp stove and I absolutely love it!  I used this stove all across South Dakota, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas and more.  I love the option of butane or propane to run and it is safe, easy and quick to use.

But the other reason I decided to get another?

Because two is one and one is... none.  

I mentioned how I had friends and family that were affected by the derecho storm up north (derechos can cause hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash floods); most got by with minimal damage but others were without power for 3 weeks and many were living in tents and using camping gear to 'live' in the yards of their homes that had been wiped out or damaged. 

Right after that storm, the hurricanes hit down South.  I was thinking about how I could easily live without power for quite a while since I'm into camping and other interests/hobbies that have me set up with numerous 'non-electrical' options.  We have the fire pit and the grill but I would really be thankful for my little camp stove as we can use that in the house and not have to be outside cooking all the time.  And that's when I realized; I only have one and if the starter went out on it, or it somehow broke, I'd have.... zero.

Two is one.
One is none.

Interestingly enough, they've only gone up about 5 dollars since I ordered mine a few years ago! It was delivered yesterday and I have to say, it just makes me so happy to have all these fun 'camping gear' items.

Some women like shoes, purses, manicures, clothes or jewelry.

I like camping gear and homesteading, non-electrical 'stuff'.  We all have our priorities I guess!


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