Odd late night lamentations: the long gone McDonalds deep fried cherry pie and more

Back in the days of dating my husband, it was the mid-late 80's, I was just barely a teenager and my husband had just gotten his driver's license.  Our dates consisted of dinner at McDonalds, followed by a movie at the 'big city' theater about 45 minutes from where we lived, in the little small farm towns.

Filet o'Fish, Fries, and cherry pie.  That was my order.  Every time.

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Random google search for a deep fried cherry pie from McD's

I'm not sure when they stopped making and selling the cherry pies (and NO for you youngun's out there; the 'cherry and cream' or whatever it was called pie they sold in the 20-teens wasn't it, and no, not the cherry pie they briefly re-released with criss-cross vent things on top.  They were completely fried and had little crisp bubbles all over. 

To this day, even though I only eat McDonalds food about once a year, I still sometimes think about the deep fried cherry pies of the mid-1980's and lament the fact that I'm pretty sure McDonalds will never bring the original back again.

Random Google Search for a peanuts pie from the 70's

Even though I don't really even like sweets, there is yet another 'pie' lamentation... this time I have to go back to when I was about 3 years old.  If my Dad did the grocery shopping instead of my Mom, he would buy the Dolly Madison Peanuts Fruit Pies!  Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and more.  I liked the Charlie Brown Cherry at the time; but there was another that wasn't a fruit - it was chocolate.  I have never liked chocolate in my life, but I do recall liking the chocolate fried pies.  One of the odd(?) things however is that I never liked them how normal people eat them.  My Dad used to pop them all into the deep freezer.  When we got a treat, he would take one out and cut it in half with a sharp knife and and I would get half a 'frozen' pie to snack on.  This was (and still is if I were ever to buy them again in my lifetime) the only way I'd eat them.

A frozen fruit pie popcicle.

If he didn't get the Dolly Madison versions he would buy the Hostess brand - which was fine because then I would choose blueberry or cherry!  Later I liked lemon as well, but I've never been much of an apple fan.

Random google search for Hostess fruit pies
I really started this post intending to simply chat about the McDonald's deep fried cherry pie, but look where it took me!  Actually my brain is swimming in different foods and candies that are 'long gone' now... but this post is long enough and honestly, it's late enough I'd really like to go to bed and read myself to sleep now.

See in the morning over fresh, hot coffee!


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