Random Chit Chat: Our two cats (we don't actually have any cats)

I saw this little graphic in my files and decided to use it for tonight's 'chit chat' over coffee.  I made all these personal 'me' graphics and put them in my files but it ends up we don't have a pumpkin colored cat any longer - both our cats have passed away now but I still have some 'cat' themed images in my files.  The reason I decided to use it is because it reminded me... we don't actually have cats any longer but apparently we have two cats now.

Regular readers might recall me mentioning a few times that there is a black cat with a white chest that loves to hang out at our house.  Every morning it would be sunning on the rocks in the backyard and every afternoon between 3-4 it would set off the motion alert in the driveway as it walked across and sometimes came up to sun itself on the front steps.

After we installed another camera in the backyard area I found that it likes to visit our deck at night.  It prances and prowls a bit, then jumps up to the deck railing where it sits and hangs out for about an hour.  Sometimes in the morning when I wake, I grab my phone and look back over the night video to make sure our little cat-friend came to visit.  I was NOT happy when he peed/poo'd in my flower/vegetable bed but it only happened the once and so far I've not found evidence of it happening again since (about 2 months or so I think).  But anyway!  This morning I watched last nights video and chuckled a little.  It seems our black cat now has brought a friend to hang out with on our deck.  There was a second cat with him last night!  

Don't know if the second one will hang around or not like the black cat has for about 2 (?) years now but I like it.  Makes me smile.  We have 'cats' without actually having cats.  (They are well cared for and well fed... so they have homes, they just come visiting.) 



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